Every woman needs a spot

April 16, 2017

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Tabitha Dumas

I say it all the time…every woman needs a spot. What does that mean? It means every generous, influential woman with a full life needs a space of her own.

There are so many good reasons a woman needs a space of her own.

Follow the Pinterest board here for lots of ideas for all different types of spaces.

Here are a few.

  • To pursue her passions
  • To create (whether art, the written word or making jewelry)
  • To recharge
  • To be alone
  • To have a crafting date or chat with a friend

The above rarely happen without a dedicated space.

The biggest reason for a woman to have a space of her own is that when it comes time to read, craft, knit, recharge, think, pray or even get dressed, she has the space and the supplies she needs, ready and waiting for her.

You might love yoga but unless you have a space set aside and your mat, music and bands accessible, you’re not likely to go to the effort. The same is true for virtually any pursuit, whether baking or painting.

Types of spaces

Having a space of her own doesn’t have to mean a “she shed” or an entire room to herself. I’ve been fortunate enough to have a room of my own to conduct my business out of as well as to get away in a house full of boys but there was a time I was limited to a corner of the master bedroom or a rolling cart.

The space also depends on a woman’s needs, preferences and priorities. Some woman never use their bathtubs while others never craft.

Some might dream of an entire room dedicated to getting dressed!

Your space should nourish you and support your highest vision for your life.

Make sure your space will help you move forward effectively and authentically.

A space of her own could be…

  • a corner of a room outfitted with a chair, a side table and a lamp. I love to have a place for my books and a spot to lay down my drink. I believe every woman should have a corner of her own, bare minimum
  • a meditation area with a floor cushion, “alter,” incense or candles, talismans, prayer journal, etc.
  • a craft room with plenty of work space and creative inspiration
  • a tiered cart like these outfitted with whatever you need, able to be moved next to your bed, into your dining room or next to your favorite chair.
  • a desk that serves as a home command center with a calendar, wrapping supplies, etc. and whatever else it takes to run your home (and life) smoothly
  • a bathtub stocked with pampering supplies, a favorite book and a fluffy towel
  • A tea/coffee station or bar for extending hospitality, entertaining or simply serving herself
  • a closet/office (“cloffice”)

Get a slew of ideas on my YOUR SPACE Pinterest Board here.

The idea of a space of her own is that you assess your needs and create a space where those needs are met.

Here’s a favorite:

Every woman needs a spot. Creating a space of her own. Tabithadumas.com


Do you have a space? What is it like? I’d love to know!

I’d be honored if you pinned and shared.

Every woman needs a spot. Creating a space of her own. Tabithadumas.com


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