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11 social media tips for entrepreneurs

Among the questions I get asked most frequently, social media tops the list.

I’ve always lived an “out there” life so social media is something of a lifestyle choice for me. It’s also my favorite way to encourage people and how I do some of my best networking.

Entrepreneurs face unique challenges when it comes to creating an online presence and managing their social media accounts.

If you’re ready to Elevate Your Image and Expand Your Influence online, I offer you

social media tips for entrepreneurs

based on giving hundreds of social media tutorials (and many years of trial and error).

1. Go where your people are.

Where does your ideal client hang out? Go there!

It’s not about what platform YOU most enjoy or are most comfortable with…it’s knowing where your ideal client is spending his or her time AND looking for your kind of information. That’s where you need to be.

2. Re-purpose content.

Take one great piece of content and post it across multiple platforms. One well-written and frequently-shared piece goes a long way.

3. Post more frequently.

It’s almost impossible to over-post.

As I advise my social media clients and preach at my classes…wouldn’t you rather be seen TOO much than not enough? People need a LOT of reminders for you to stay top of mind. You have to be heard over the noise!

4. Follow and share others.

5. Update your headers and profile pictures.

Make them current and cohesive. Make sure they suit your brand, too.

I recommend one professional head shot used on EVERY platform for continuity.

6. Create and follow an editorial calendar.

What are you talking about and promoting?

A simple spreadsheet is all you need to keep track of your ideas andΒ work your plan.

7. Do something worth promoting and sharing.

Volunteer, have a giveaway, support a charity, sponsor an event, etc.

8. Get visual.

Using pictures and graphics always increases engagement.

Canva and Picmonkey are great options.

9. Make your social media interactions purposeful.

Invest your time in the people and connections that matter most.

You don’t have to follow, comment and like EVERYone, or reply to every comment with an entire paragraph. But do invest in those who are in your circle of influence.

10. Get personal.

People connect with YOU. Let them into your life!

Show off your style, your family and your hobbies. You don’t have to report in every time you eat or go out but people do like the inside peek into your daily life. At the very least, post when you’re doing something fun or interesting.

11. Find the people you meet today online and stalk them follow them.

The next time you connect with someone at an event, follow up with them online, say “hello” and keep in touch. These connections are incredibly valuable.

Which of these tips can YOU put into practice?Β 

By the way…

here’s my go-to expert… The Stacey Harris. Check her out!

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  1. Really great post here. Thank You!. It really is so absolutely crucial to embrace social media and modern technologies in today’s business climate. There is a wonderful book from David Fasanya that I strongly recommend reading for some top tips and advice. Way of the Junglepreneur ‘www.junglepreneur.com’.
    Best thing I read all year and one of those that I’m sure I will find myself coming back to as a frequent source of reference.

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