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Social Media: getting ruthless

tabithadumas.com ruthless social media fantabulous women let me rephrase that

As many of you know, I am in the process of consolidating all the things I do into one pretty little package.

“Let Me Rephrase That” (the writing, editing, content strategy, marketing piece) and FanTABulous Women (the style, color, beauty piece) will soon be merging into one cohesive consulting business right here on TabithaDumas.com. For now, I’m blogging over here and over there.

Eventually the content from the two blogs will merge together but that will be a somewhat  lengthy process requiring professional help and I’ll be lucky if it happens in 2014!


tabithadumas.com ruthless social media fantabulous women let me rephrase that


In the meantime, up until yesterday, I had TWO Facebook business pages and TWO Twitter accounts: one each for “Let Me Rephrase That” and one each for FanTABulous Women.

Running four accounts (along with several blogs and other online and social media platforms) was becoming overwhelming. I had to get ruthless.

I am now down to ONE Twitter account… @tabithadumas

and ONE Facebook business page… FanTABulous Women

The Twitter account will focus more on the “Let Me Rephrase That” side of things because that is where those people hang out. The Facebook page will focus more on the style/beauty/women side because that is where THEY hang out.

I was tired of Tweeting into the wind with FanTABulous Women and having almost zero engagement on my writer’s Facebook page.

I finally got a clue and decided to listen to what my followers were telling me they wanted!

Now….how about YOU?

Wondering how YOU can be ruthless with your social media accounts?

1. Ask yourself what information you will be providing and which platform it’s best suited for.

If you want to post pictures, answer questions and have true conversation with your followers, Facebook is a great fit.

To share quick snippets or links, Twitter is a good option.

For anything visual or design-related, Pinterest and Instagram are best.

If you want to connect with other professionals, head over to LinkedIn.

ALL of the above are superb places for you to link to your website or blog, by the way, to keep people moving through your content. 

{Read more about choosing the social media platform that best suits your brand on my friend Anne’s blog here.}

2. Ask yourself where your people hang out and go hang out with them. 

My writing cohorts are Twitter fans whereas the women who follow me are on Facebook, Pinterest and now also Instagram. I don’t want to ask them to move–I want to go where they are!

3. Ask yourself what platform you are most comfortable with and maximize it.

ANY engagement is better than zero engagement so rather than trying to learn the new platform that everyone is talking about (which will probably end up sitting dormant, anyway), spend your time maximizing the one you are already comfortable with. Encourage your followers to find you there and focus your time and attention on increasing engagement there instead of hopping around from site to site.

Do you need to get ruthless with your social media accounts? Leave a comment or hop on over to my ONE Facebook page here to keep the conversation going or ask questions.

Need some hands-on Content Strategy to maximize YOUR amazing content?? Set up an assessment and consultation to get started!

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