5 steps to simplify your wardrobe

February 5, 2017

Written By

Tabitha Dumas

If you’re not sure you need to simplify your wardrobe, take the quiz: Jazz up or simplify your wardrobe?

When you need to simplify your wardrobe

When I first started as an image consultant, I envisioned a typical movie makeover where you try on dozens of outfits and leave the store laden with arm fulls of huge shopping bags brimming with fabulous clothes and accessories.

I quickly learned that most women hire me because they want LESS clothes in their closets.

I get hired far more often to purge than to shop.

I get it. That’s me, too. I’m not sure anyone actually yearns for a more complicated wardrobe.

Life is hard and the average American woman is looking for ways to streamline her daily routine while honoring her authentic self.

That’s why a working wardrobe is so important.

My typical lady wants to open her closet to see only items she loves to wear.

She also wants clothing that…

  • she feels good in, even if she’s unhappy with her weight
  • is in a limited color palette
  • mixes and matches easily
  • creates cohesive outfits
  • expresses her personal style (free quiz here)
  • works for her majority lifestyle
  • can be accessorized to be more dressy or casual
  • isn’t overwhelming to store and maintain

If that’s you, then you’re definitely in the simplify your wardrobe group.

Disclaimer! A simple wardrobe doesn’t mean you necessarily have a simple or minimalist style.

Even a woman with the most flamboyant, colorful or creative style can still have a simple wardrobe.

You just invest in the right key pieces and choose your shoes, bags and other accessories wisely.

5 Steps to Simplify Your Wardrobe

No. 1: Start with your Signature Color. You’ll also discover your Color Code, which dictates your best neutrals and your “pop” colors. Discover yours here.

Having a Signature Color helps you shop on purpose and feel more confident in your clothes. Why? Because from it, you…

No. 2: Determine a color palette. If you didn’t Discover Your Signature Color, you can explore your Color Code. All the info you need about your colors is on the Pinterest boards for each category here. My palette as a Deep is teal and royal blue with hints of coral and magenta + denim, white and black as my neutrals.

When your wardrobe has a limited color palette, you save so much time and energy. Your pieces mix and match more easily and all your shoes and accessories coordinate. Limiting my color palette has truly been life changing.

No. 3: Determine and embrace your majority lifestyle here.

If your clothes don’t work for your everyday life, you’ll never be happy with your wardrobe. When they DO work, you’ll enjoy getting dressed again.

No. 4: Declutter your closet here.

No. 5: Consider a capsule wardrobe. Get the info about how I started mine here.

If you’re the type who wears 20% of your wardrobe 80% of the time, a capsule wardrobe is perfect for you.

Limiting yourself to less than 30 wardrobe pieces will bring so much peace into your life.

Besides allowing you to invest in more high-quality pieces, it means fewer choices and more creativity.

I also highly recommend the 27 Hangers Online Academy taught by my dear friend and mentor, Shari Braendel. This is the system I used to create my capsules (one for everyday, one for professional). When you purchase through my affiliate link, I send you my exclusive guide to using your Signature Color to create your 27 pieces. It’s an excellent course! Read more here.

I hope these steps will help you simplify your wardrobe. Of course if you need more personalized help, work with me.

Five steps to simplify your wardrobe. -tabithadumas image consultant and style strategist


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