My Signature Event: the potluck tea party

February 17, 2015

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Tabitha Dumas

As an Image and Influence Strategist, my main goal is to get you noticed and make you unforgettable.

One of the best ways to do that is by hosting a Signature Event.

My Signature Event happens to be The Potluck Tea Party.

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I started hosting tea parties back in 2004 after my mom and I enjoyed tea time for my birthday at a local tea room so much that we decided we needed to host a tea party of our own.

The first one was a LOT of work.

The next year, we asked guests to contribute to the food and loved seeing what everyone brought. It’s gotten better and better every year since. I think this year was my best.

Me in my party dress with my chalkboard sign. My Signature Event, the potluck tea party! on

Welcome to my Potluck Tea Party!

Why I chose a potluck tea party as my signature event:

1. I love tea.

I believe in a “tea lifestyle,” when one always has time for a reprieve over a pot of tea or enjoying a cup with a friend.

There’s something soothing about the ritual of making tea that suits me.

2. I’m into girliness, vintage linens, candles and flowers…all of which fit in perfectly to a tea party.

It’s part of my brand and I already have all of the items I need.

My Signature Event, the potluck tea party! on

Some of my tea pots, tea and aprons.

3. I’m all for building community and each contributing in our own way…thus the potluck concept.

It’s so fun to see what dishes people bring! This year there was everything from beet salad to “chocolate crack” to gluten free tea sandwiches to hummus and pita chips.

My Signature Event, the potluck tea party! on

A gorgeous smorgasbord of food!

The gluten free options at my tea party. My Signature Event, the potluck tea party! on

A table of strictly gluten free options.

4. I collect tea cups and saucers, tea pots and all sorts of tea paraphernalia so I already have what I need to host.

My tea cup collection. My Signature Event, the potluck tea party! on

My tea cup collection. I love to see which ones my guests choose to borrow for the day!

5. One of the components of my life purpose statement is to “provide opportunities for creativity, collaboration and connection” so getting women together in a room to nibble yummy foods and sip tea is an excellent way to accomplish that.

6. Women don’t seem to get the opportunity very often to dress up and do something dainty and frivolous (I know I don’t) so I enjoy providing the women in my life that opportunity.

Judging by the hats, fairy wings, party dresses and tiaras that have paraded through my tea parties over the years, I think women are looking for an excuse to dress up and do something different.

My Signature Event, the potluck tea party! on

My Valentine’s Day Potluck Tea Party ladies 2015

7. One of my favorite things in the whole world is seeing women connect with each other and find things in common.

That happened at my last tea party at least once every five minutes, and that was only the conversations I overheard!

8. At a tea party, anything can happen.

Anything whimsical and delightful, that is. Like dressing up in boas and silly glasses for a photo booth, being serenaded in Spanish by a beautiful and talented singer or maybe even dancing through a cloud of bubbles. Life is meant to be enJOYed and tea parties afford wondrous opportunities to be silly.

My Signature Event, the potluck tea party! on

Me and my mama in the photo booth.

My Signature Event, the potluck tea party! on

Sometimes a girl just needs to put on a party dress and dance in a cloud of bubbles.

9. It’s easy to find a theme for a tea party.

Having a theme makes hosting an event SO much easier. I’ve done a Mad Hatter Tea Party and a Fairy Garden Tea Party but for most years, the theme is simply “Valentine’s Day” and I encourage everyone to dress festively and bring festive foods. A holiday or season makes a great theme!

10. I am uniquely qualified to host a Potluck Tea Party (for all of the reasons listed above).

It’s the perfect way for me to Elevate My Image and Expand My Influence.

Plus I’m hoping to offer some event planning services as part of my business so it’s beneficial for me to practice, and for people to see me in action.

Remember to click here to Get your OWN Signature Event!

For now, I’d love to know…what kind of Signature Event do you think YOU are uniquely qualified to host? Tell us on the Facebook page.

My Signature Event: The Potluck Tea Party!


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