Can you say you have enough?

September 22, 2019

Written By

Tabitha Dumas

I surprised myself when I walked into my closet, approached my 27 Hangers Capsule and thought, “I love my wardrobe!” See my ebook was called “Love Your Wardrobe” and I preach all the time about wearing what you LOVE. I loved my pieces, the colors, the styles…and I thought, “What a relief!” My wardrobe was finally ENOUGH.

Now. Like people, like our homes, like relationships…wardrobes are never “done.” We’re always fine tuning our style. We get rid of items that are worn out. And of course we see new pieces we love! But finally having the feeling of enough struck me. 

One of the biggest lessons I learned from decluttering our house was that it ridded me of this feeling of “I need something.” I’d wander around a store and think, “Ooo, I think we need that.” And there was just this nagging feeling that I didn’t really know what we had or what we needed…because with STUFF all over the house, I really didn’t know!

After months of working on it, I now have everything categorized and grouped together. I know what I have for tea parties, for entertaining, for arts and crafts. And for almost every category, I finally feel like I have enough.

I have enough white plates and mugs for dinner parties. I have enough neutral place mats. I have enough beach towels, enough makeup, enough office supplies (please don’t let me buy more office supplies).

It’s not just an issue of knowing what you have and being able to get to it, although that is incredibly freeing. It’s also about the peace of mind and heart that comes along with not yearning or searching for more. I’m starting to believe the “never enough” feeling leads us to shop more than we should. To take every hand-me-down. To buy things on sale whether we need them or not. To hoard. 

We feel the need for more, more, more…with no end.

Busyness often means we don’t take time to assess what we have so we always feel like we need more.

Can you say you have enough or do you always find yourself striving for more? More clothes, more decor, more activities?

More home decor, more shoes, more books (don’t let me buy more books, either)…or the newest gadget or toy.

This feeling can carry over to our activities and responsibilities, too. We take on too much because we don’t know how or where to cut it off.

When it comes to your wardrobe, I’d love to help you have enough. No more “a closet full of clothes but nothing to wear.” No more buying random pieces, hoping it will help you create outfits. No more walking into your closet and feeling defeated. Check out my resources page for tons of info, worksheets and guidance. Visit HERE.

When it comes to your life, if you are always adding more to your plate or feeling like there aren’t enough hours in the day, maybe a Step Into Your Purpose consultation would help! Read more HERE.

I’ll tell you this. Wherever you are on the journey, know that YOU ARE ENOUGH just as you are, right now. Maybe you do need to add some things to your life like new friendships or new ventures. But YOU as a person have always been and will always be enough. Rest in that!

Can you say you have enough or do you always find yourself striving for more? More clothes, more decor, more activities?


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