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November 1, 2020

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Tabitha Dumas

If you’re one of “my ladies,” you’re almost certainly a woman of purpose. You aim to be the best daughter / wife / mom / employee / neighbor / student / volunteer you can be. You realize the way you dress gives you the confidence to go after your dreams and you want it to count. You want everything from your pantry to your purse to be a purposeful decision and to get you closer to the life you’ve always dreamed of, whether that’s running a company, raising babies or some combination of both. 

I am here to support your purposeful faith life style!

The truth is, our image starts on the inside. Are you comfortable being in your own company? Do you like yourself? Does your identity come from the right place? Once you know yourself, you can express that authentic self in everything from your funky jeans to your social media posts. That’s how people come to like and remember you! 

I have dreams of teaching teen girls about identity and self worth before the world tries to tell them who they are and before they start looking for affirmation in good grades, guys or a religion’s checklist.

My story involves learning my worth doesn’t come from my job….or from trying to be Super Mom.

It’s an ongoing journey to be who we were made to be.

Tabitha Dumas the world needs who you were made to be purposeful life style

Being that person involves a purposeful faith life style. 

Yes, I believe it starts with faith in God and walking with Jesus. You don’t have to have the same beliefs but I want to be honest about mine.

I love women from every walk of life. I love the variety of women in my circle of influence and all are welcome. Faith is first in my life and that influences everything I do. 

Right now I’m focusing more on simply telling my stories, sharing what has worked for me and cheerleading the women in my sphere of influence. No fancy sales pitches, no paid memberships, no big commitments. 

My passion is making sure no woman is held back because she lacks confidence in her appearance. I believe this is particularly important within the church and I dream of training a woman in every church in the Phoenix valley to help the women in their congregation dress with confidence and joy.

That extends, of course, to what happens when women feel confident…they want to share their best gifts with the world and I want to help them do that as simply and effectively as possible!

I’m working on a monthly calendar, book list, in-person and virtual vision board events and much more!

THE way to be in the loop is to sign up for the email list. Here’s the link! Click HERE.

Topics and events I’m dreaming of:

  1. Vision and Purpose (Vision boards)
  2. Fertility 101 (Workshop)
  3. Pregnancy, birth and babies (Blessingway)
  4. Homemaking (Dinner party? Hygge, have a spot)
  5. Shopping/Thrifting (Shopping trip)
  6. Hospitality (Hospitali-tea, porching)
  7. Art & Crafting (Crafternoon)
  8. Color & Style (Style School!)
  9. Natural Health & Wellness (Spa day/pampering)
  10. Decluttering and organizing (Clothing & Decor Swap)
  11. Influence & Business (Social media?)
  12. Faith (Retreat)


What makes you come alive? Tabitha Dumas Phoenix Image Consultant Purposeful Faith Life Style

I’d be thrilled if you would pin and share! 

What makes you come alive? Tabitha Dumas Phoenix Image Consultant Purposeful Faith Life Style


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