Steps toward a purposeful 2022

December 23, 2021

Written By

Tabitha Dumas

Here we are again at the start of a new year!

Whether you clicked through from a social media post or visited through an email link, WELCOME! If you’ve been around a while, you know how much I love the fresh start a new year and a turning of the calendar a new year provides. I’d love to offer you my best tools to making the coming year more purposeful, joyful and focused.

Create a vision board

Come to one of my Vision Board Parties whether you want to create a board (or canvas…or journal), explore your 2022 One Word or simply do a year in review and consider your top priorities for the new year (while snacking and sipping tea). I welcome you to relax, enjoy refreshments and make the afternoon whatever YOU need it to be. Click here.

Choose a word

Visit this post to determine your One Word. I provide worksheet downloads and exercises to guide you.

Here are the ones I’ve had + this year’s! This is my eleventh year! Joy, peace, beloved, shine, utilize, rooted, simplify, together, light, strong and CULTIVATE.

Choosing your word for the year and my one word 2022

Create your spot

Do you have a space of your own? Click here to get ideas and inspiration. Every woman needs a spot!

Elevate your image

Did your wardrobe work for your life this year? Do you need an overhaul? Click here for ideas on getting your wardrobe into good shape

Other ideas

:: Make sure you have a fresh journal and/or day planner (read about journaling here and designing your day here)

:: Choose your daily readings

:: Decide what to cut using the one in, one out rule

:: Complete the Year In Review below to celebrate how far you’ve come!

My 2022 update

As of 12/27/21, my word for 2022 is looking like CULTIVATE. It means to encourage, foster, promote growth, tend, refine, give attention. It’s all about action, intention and getting your hands dirty. I feel like I haven’t “done much” for a few years…and I am ready to get some things growing! I like these:

cultivate peace

cultivate connection

cultivate joy

(you’ll see them pictured in the graphic below)

I plan to cultivate our yard…cultivate areas of my life I have neglected…and help the people in my inner circle cultivate what matters to them as well.

The verse I’m claiming for 2022: “And the fruit of righteousness is sown in peace by those who cultivate peace.” James 3:18 Peace is the number one goal of my life so it’s especially fitting.

Tabitha Dumas one word cultivate for 2022

So tell me…what do you do at the end of the year to set yourself up for a purposeful 2022?

I’d love to know! Comment, or visit the Facebook group here.

Year in Review Tabitha Dumas purposeful 2022

Year in Review Tabitha Dumas purposeful 2022

choosing your 2022 one word Tabitha Dumas


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