My purpose statements

My Life Purpose Statement

Life purpose statement, mission statement. Tabitha Dumas

To inspire women to create lives of greater beauty, confidence and influence by offering opportunities for education, creativity and collaboration. To blaze trails and teach others from my own successes and challenges. To help other women discover, embrace and live their purpose.

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Simple Mom Purpose Statement

I, Tabitha Dumas, believe that my purpose is to blaze a trail of pursuing the abundant life God has for me so that I can inspire and teach the women in my sphere of influence from my own successes and challenges, thus equipping them to discover and live the abundant life God has for them as well.

I will accomplish this by

  • Valuing “resting and receiving,” living for God on a daily basis, embracing an abundance mentality and treating others as more important than myself as my main guiding principles.
  • Making my home a place of beauty, hospitality, creativity and relaxation where others can find solace and are free to be themselves.
  • Prioritizing generosity, creativity, being a lifelong learner and serving others above lesser values.
  • Interacting with others in a spirit of grace, kindness and authenticity.

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