Practical ways to practice asking for help

October 15, 2013

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Tabitha Dumas
If you’re feeling overwhelmed or like you’re carrying too heavy a load, I’d like to offer you these practical ways to practice asking for help. ask for help

First, let’s recap from my previous blog post entitled Why you need to start asking for help.

You NEED to start asking for help because…

  • You can’t reach your full potential without help
  • There are people out there who are ready and willing to help you–you just have to ask
  • Accepting help lightens your load and allows YOU to help more people

You never know where help may come from, or who needs your help, until you ask.

Now. If you’re like me, it’s hard to dive in and get started. Here are a few ideas to get the momentum going.

If you need a professional

Whether a professional organizer to help you organize your office, a paint contractor to finally repaint the exterior of your home or just that teenager down the street who always offers to walk your dog for you, call, text or email them with one simple message: “Help!!” I guarantee that they’ll be happy to hear from you and more than willing to help.

If you need information

Whether a referral or a connection, chose one area of help you need and simply “put it out there.” Post on Facebook, “Hey, we’re hoping to get Junior started with piano lessons, any suggestions?” “Does anyone know a trustworthy dentist nearby?” or “I need a new cell phone, tell me what you love about your current phone.” People are often quite eager to make suggestions.

If you need hands-on help or personal assistance

This one is perhaps the trickiest because you’re asking someone to dive in and give of their time and energy. Give it a shot! Whether a phone call, email, or knock on a neighbor’s door, just ask. “I’ve seen how organized you are with your meal planning, do you think you could sit down and help me with next week’s shopping trip?” or “I’m heading up this big fundraiser, would you by any chance like to donate an auction item?” You’ll be surprised at how happy people are to help you out.

A few Tab’s Tips for you:

  1. Consider trading. Offer your services, expertise or time in exchange for someone else’s.
  2. If what you need is something you’d like for free, make that clear along with the time commitment and expectations involved to avoid misunderstandings or extra obligations down the line.
  3. Accept any “nos” graciously and don’t expect them to explain. If the situation were reversed, you’d want to be able to decline without being put in an awkward position.

Are there things you’ve wanted to ask for help with and have been putting off? Do you plan to ask soon? Comment on Facebook or below…and let me know how it goes!


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