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May 15, 2019

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Tabitha Dumas

Whether you’re visiting Phoenix or escaping the Phoenix heat, I owe it to you as your Phoenix Image Consultant to offer you some packing tips for traveling!

The goal is to pack what you will actually wear. When I see people post this, I cringe.

over packing is a thing of the past with these packing tips from tabitha dumas phoenix image consultant

I’m what I’d call a “reluctant traveler” because traveling can bring out the worst in me. As someone who has a sensitive stomach, is a recovering insomniac and is prone to motion sickness, being on the road and in strange environments requires a lot of pre-planning in order for me to be as comfortable as possible. The last thing I need is a bunch of extra clothes, accessories and shoes to deal with when I’m on the road, nor the stress of trying to put outfits together on the fly.

My opportunity to practice came about when I packed for a three-week road trip with my folks and my two boys to Florida and back in the summer of 2016. At the time, I was getting use to a capsule wardrobe and challenged myself to pack a travel capsule wardrobe for practice and it went marvelously!

Read about how I created a travel capsule wardrobe HERE.

packing tips from tabitha dumas phoenix image consultant

Based on that trip experience and the traveling I’ve done since, here are my packing tips.

1. Determine what you’ll be doing on your trip first.

Start here! Are you attending a special party? Will you be mostly spending time with family…or doing touristy activities by day and eating out at night? Write it all down and decide which pieces you need. You might need 80% shorts and tees, 10% fancy and 10% lounge wear. If that’s the case, don’t take a bunch of fancy clothes!

TAB’S TIP: If you’ll be going from the heat outdoors to cold air conditioning (or vice versa), plan to dress in layers.

2. Stick to a color palette.

Determine 2-3 neutrals + your main color/Signature Color + 1-2 accent colors and don’t pack any outliers. That’s easy if you have your Signature Color because I give you a wardrobe color palette!

3. Remember the power of accessories.

You can take a few basic pieces and dress them up with accessories and people will never notice you’re wearing the same items. It takes up way less space to pack a few different statement necklaces than five different dresses. Maybe even pick up a hat or scarf on your trip! 

4. Practice your capsule wardrobe.

Traveling is a great time to practice wearing a limited amount of mix and match pieces in order to save space and simplify getting dressed.

Here’s a good example of about 23 pieces using blue, black and white with hits of turquoise.

Depending on the length of your trip, you could get away with even less. Most women need about twice as many tops as bottoms.


long denim shorts

short denim shorts

navy shorts

white jeans

tropical pants


black and white check

navy and pink print

teal and navy print

green tee

teal tee

teal sleeveless top

white tee

black tee

black tank

royal blue tee


black sleeveless

blue print


turquoise cardigan

royal blue cardigan


black capris

teal shorts


1 scarf

1 purse

2 pairs of shoes

all silver jewelry

Notice I only took TWO pairs of shoes and silver jewelry. I didn’t take my brown or coral pieces and took NO brown or gold shoes which meant I only took my cool-tone makeup.  That saved me a ton of space! 

5. Pack in outfits and in order.

It’s a good idea to lay everything out and put socks and underwear with each outfit (think about strapless or T-back bras for certain tops or dresses). You can even pack the accessories with the outfit. Unless you’re only unpacking once, arrange your outfits in your suitcase in the order you plan to wear them so you’re not digging through your bag every time. It’s helpful to use smaller bags for your swimsuits, pajamas or lounge wear to keep them separate.

Rolling your clothes or folding them Konmari style can save space and prevent wrinkles. Check out the video below.

TAB’ TIPS for traveling:
  1. bring your own pillow if you can, or at least a neck pillow
  2.  use an eye mask for car riding or adapting to a time zone change
  3. pack your essential oils and your diffuser if possible (I love using a lavender blend at bedtime or peppermint to freshen up a stale hotel room)
  4. have healthy snacks on you at all times in case you can’t eat the food offered
  5. make sure your purse or backpack is comfortable to wear or bring along a mini purse or wristlet for excursions when you don’t need your whole purse
  6. remember the sunscreen and hat
  7. comfortable shoes are a must
  8. HYDRATE (especially if you’re traveling to Arizona!)

What would you add to these packing tips? And if you’re traveling to Phoenix, look me up so we can meet!

Never overpack again! packing tips from tabitha dumas phoenix image consultant

Never overpack again! packing tips from tabitha dumas phoenix image consultant

Never overpack again! packing tips from tabitha dumas phoenix image consultant


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