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How to pack a pool bag

I grew up in Florida then moved to Arizona at age 20. I know how to pack a pool bag. Having spent many hours at pools this summer and observing people coming and going, I’ve realized that not everyone knows how!

How to pack a pool bag

As a preface, this post may not apply to you if you live in a colder climate that doesn’t get H-O-T summers. In Phoenix, we recently hit a record at 118. In Florida, plenty of days saw highs in the upper 90s (with something like 150% humidity).

The pool is how we survive summer!

But if you don’t spend a lot of time at the pool, you might not know how to pack a pool bag!

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Pool bag essentials

1: Bathing suit. You might consider wearing your bathing suit TO the pool and packing a change of clothes for after. Remember clean underwear.

2: Cover-up. Sure, you can walk around in your towel but some resorts require cover-ups to enter the buildings or you’ll just want the protection from the sun. Cover-ups also come in handy if you want to have lunch by the pool and want to, well, cover up a bit. I sometimes use mine on hot chairs, too. The perfect cover-up could also be worn like a dress to dinner.

3: A small bag (insulated and/or waterproof is ideal) for sunscreen, lip balm, nose plug, tissues (I had a terrible sneeze attack by the pool recently and was so glad I had my pocket pack of tissues!), hair ties, etc. so they’re easy to grab.

4: Flip-flops. I can’t believe how many people I see come to the pool in sneakers and socks! Besides pools being wet areas in general, the “cool deck” around pools is often very hot! You might even have to leave them right by the edge for entering and leaving the pool, besides walking around.

5: Sunscreen. Pools can be crowded places so you might not want to use a spray. I like a gentle formula for my face and something in the “sport” category for my body. Apply before you leave home so the product has time to sink in. Remember to reapply regularly.

6: Lip balm with SPF.

7: Hat. Many pools don’t have shade. My preference is a hat that can get wet.

8: Towels. I take two: one to lay down on the pool chair (they’re hot!) and one for me. Some resorts and hotels have their own pool towels–yea!

These are my two favorite pool bags, partly because they have outside and interior pockets.

How to pack a pool bag by Tabitha Dumas who has lived in Florida and Arizona and lives by the pool in summer!

9: Sunglasses plus a cleaning cloth for any water splashes.

10: Book, magazine, ipod, etc. plus a pen or highlighter and a pad of paper for marking and note-taking.

11: Snacks. Remember not to bring anything too melty unless you have a cooler.

12: Beverages.

13: Change for vending machines or snack bars.

14: Shampoo, body wash, deodorant, comb, etc. if you’re showering afterward. I love to have a travel-size aloe, too. Put them in one bag you can take into the shower stall (see #3).

15: Fun stuff! Take speakers for music, a pool chair, float or raft or other pool toys. Click here for a great guide to choosing a pool chair.

Packing tips

  • Have a big tote bag for clothing and towels plus smaller zipper bags for loose items.
  • Consider bringing along grocery bags for wet items going home.

What tips would you add??

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How to pack a pool bag by Tabitha Dumas who has lived in Florida and Arizona and lives by the pool in summer!

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