Outfits for your Color Code

October 17, 2018

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Tabitha Dumas
This could be the most overlooked + most impactful aspect of dressing for your Color Code.

I was speaking to 12 ladies at a MomsNext meeting and a friend and client was among the participant’s and told me afterward, “I forgot about wearing outfits for your Color Code!” so I thought it was worth an official blog post.

Outfits for your Color Code

When women think about dressing for their Color Code, they think of the colors to wear near their face, or their best neutrals or even how to accessorize. But not everyone thinks about how each Color Code dictates your best head to toe look even though it is one of the KEYS to looking put together.

It comes down to

  • your best neutrals
  • your best colors
  • contrast levels
  • shoes that coordinate with your hair

all of which are dictated by your Color Code.

The goal is for people to notice YOU, not what you’re wearing. We look for “flow” from head to toe. You know how a fair-skinned blonde disappears in an outfit of stark black and white or how a deep-skinned, dark-haired woman disappears in pastels. When it’s “off,” the focus is on the outfit (in a bad way) and not on YOU.


Outfits for your Color Code. Imagine how much better it would be if I swapped these outfits! Warm color code vs light color code

Imagine the red head in green and the blonde in pink and gray!

I’ll say this again–most of us can pull off hues in a medium intensity and with medium contrast. That’s what you’ll see in most ads. The models are typically very “neutral” in coloring and the outfits are usually very medium in tone and intensity.

But dressing in outfits for your Color Code gives us an opportunity to wear the BEST intensity and contrast to enhance our natural beauty. Some examples.

Side note…it’s very challenging to find Pinterest images of each Color Code wearing the right outfits. If you want to go shopping together and allow me to take pictures of you to pin, I’d love it! Read more HERE.


Lovely pastels + a light, low-contrast floral + pale shoes that mirror her hair.


Dark brown and black + a deep, medium-contrast animal print + a bag and shoes that mimic her hair.

Outfits for your Color Code DEEP Color Code Tabitha Dumas phoenix image consultant phoenix color analysis

Hey, look, it’s me below as a DEEP in a DEEP outfit!

Maroon + a dark gray sweater + brown shoes that mimic my hair color.

Outfits for your Color Code DEEP Color Code Tabitha Dumas phoenix image consultant phoenix color analysis


A medium-tone lavender sweater + medium denim + boots and hat that coordinate and complement her hair.


The high contrast of the white and the dark denim + bright, clear fuchsia + the pop of bright, clear yellow in the shoes.


Rust jacket + pumpkin, orange and green scarf + brown boots and bag.


Purple + gray tones +gray boots works well for my gray and silver-haired ladies.

I hope these outfits for your Color Code helps you plan outfits to look your best! If you need my help, let’s get together for a consult! 602.349.1129 or book some time with me.

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Outfits for Your Color Code

Outfits for Your Color Code. Tabitha Dumas Phoenix Image Consultant Phoenix color analysis Tabithadumas.com


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