How I organize my wardrobe

June 2, 2016

Written By

Tabitha Dumas

I talk about it all the time but I wanted to explain exactly

how I organize my wardrobe.

Two notes before I share.

  1. Your wardrobe has to work for YOU. It has to function for your lifestyle, your preferences and how you get dressed. Don’t follow an organizer’s advice, what you saw in a magazine, your sister’s method or copy the way your mom did it…do it your way.
  2. Experiment inside your closet! If one method doesn’t work, try another. As seasons change and you add and remove pieces, keep tweaking it.

Let me explain.

I like to arrange my closet in the order of how I get dressed. I want to pull a sleeveless top, a long skirt and a cardigan. That’s how my pieces are arranged, left to right. I can grab as I go. 

My clothes are arranged from left to right like this:
  • sleeveless tops
  • short sleeve tops
  • long sleeve tops
  • short dresses (from sleeveless to long sleeve)
  • long dresses (from sleeveless to long sleeve)
  • short skirts
  • long skirts
  • short pants
  • long pants
  • completer pieces (cardigans, jackets and kimonos, etc.)
Within each of those categories, I have my pieces arranged from solid to print…AND light to dark…AND lightest to heaviest.


Solid to print: I never wear prints together so I always pair a print and a solid. I want them separate. If I grab a printed bottom, I go for the solid tops.

Light to dark: So I can match a light top with a light bottom, or a light bottom with a dark top for more contrast…without sifting through every piece. And when putting an outfit together, the print you’re wearing typically dictates whether you need a light or dark top so it makes it much easier.

Lightest to heaviest: It just makes sense. The linen pants come before the jeans.

Hang everything you wear regularly, even if it’s a basic tee. You wear what you see.


Hosiery, bathing suits and cover-ups and plain leggings are in a hanging organizer in the closet so they’re close at hand.

If you wear blouses or tops with buttons, I suggest hanging them behind their non-button counterparts.

I also keep my camisoles and bralettes in the closet so they’re not lost in the dresser.

Since I have a “professional” wardrobe as well, I hang them in the same order but in a different area of the closet. The same goes for my jackets. Since we live in Phoenix, I keep a few lighter ones in the year round rotation but the rest are kept off to the side. I do the same for special occasion dresses.

Only your everyday items should take up the most valuable real estate in your closet. 


To finish off my outfits, I keep my scarves and belts in the closet nearby as well as a hanging organizer with my jewelry separated into gold and silver. Smalls bowls and dishes hold my everyday rings and my smaller, special earrings.


What’s in the dresser?

tee shirts (I only wear them on occasion

yoga clothes

lounge clothes




If you wear your tees or yoga clothes more than a couple times per week, hang them so they’re more accessible and a part of your regular rotation.

I hope some of these ideas about how I organize my closet inspire you! Let me know if you have feedback or questions! 

I made a video in my closet to walk you through the pieces, too!


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