New Year Refresh

January 5, 2018

Written By

Tabitha Dumas

Are you in the mood for a new year refresh? For me, it feels like summer ends in Phoenix around mid November then it’s just a quick downhill slide into the new year. Throw in Thanksgiving and the holidays and fall practically disappears. By the time the calendar changes, I’m so ready to be lighter, brighter and more focused. So I give you .. ideas for a

New Year Refresh.

Of course I recommend choosing a word or mantra for the coming year that will help you begin with the end in mind as they say. I put it all in this post: make 2018 intentional.

Get all your holiday decor, gifts and wrap put away. It feels bare, yes, but it’s also so…well, refreshing.

While you’re at it, keep things around the house fresh and cozy until you can decorate for spring. I love burning a minty candle and keeping my winter decor out so there’s still some sparkle.

Take time to clean out your makeup drawer and clean your makeup brushes. Just rinse out your brushes, soak them in your bathroom sink with some mild shampoo, rinse and allow to air dry.

Toss old or unwanted beauty products. If you got anything new for Christmas, follow the “one in, one out” rule.

Reorganize your wardrobe. Have you transitioned to winter yet? Rearrange items so it’s easy to access your favorite pieces and put outfits together. Storage bins are on sale right now so store your hats and gloves in one, scarves in another, etc. Make notes of what needs to be replaced or purchased. If you want to really put in the effort for a wardrobe you love, take a look at my $9 ebook: Love Your Wardrobe!

Give some attention to your “spot.” (here’s my post about why every woman needs a spot). Whether your office, craft room, reading nook, special chair or bedside table, get rid of clutter and freshen it up. Consider adding a new candle and some fresh foliage.

New Year Refresh

This beautiful space is from Driven By Decor

Take a 3-for-1 bath. Here’s how I do it.

  • run your bath (not too hot)
  • fix a cold beverage
  • light candles
  • apply a face mask
  • stand in the tub and apply a body scrub, allowing it to fall into the tub
  • slide in and soak
  • shave if you like
  • rinse the mask off
  • dry off and apply lotion if needed

Now you got a facial, a body scrub and a bath done in one fell swoop! 

Get into nature. Visit a local nature preserve or botanical garden or just walk your neighborhood. It’s fun to slow down enough to collect objects or take pictures.

Choose a new book for the year, preferably with a daily reading. This one is a personal favorite and if you’re local, I have a few on hand. Simple Abundance.

Consider a tea lifestyle (even if you don’t love tea) here: tea lifestyle. It’s a lot like porching, which you can read about here. The idea is to be intentional about rest and relationships. Both require pre-planning, intention and a refusal to be busy. It’s a great way to get a new year refresh, especially if you set up your tea station or porch in preparation. Go ahead and invite someone over, too!

Quit something. Drop an activity, committee, project or relationship that no longer serves you. You’ll be so glad you did and wish you’d done it sooner!

Update your social media and online profiles. Add some fresh words or a new head shot.

I hope these ideas for a new year refresh inspire you. Let me know what you try!


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