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New workshop! “Pinterest for Business”

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How do I unwind after a long day? Not a hot bath, not a glass of wine, not a chick flick and not even retail therapy. No, I go onto Pinterest.

It’s the best of the Internet, all assembled and categorized onto one giant virtual inspiration board.

For many years, I cut images, words and phrases out of magazines and pasted them into notebooks. Pinterest is just my new, grown-up, digital version of that.  From baby shower ideas to parenting tips to recipes to inspiring quotes, Pinterest is my new happy place. I often end my day on Pinterest and drift off to sleep with images of floral arrangements, sandy beaches and pink party dresses dancing in my head.

Pinterest is a fun place to hang out, get inspired and share ideas. And, yes, now businesses are getting in on the action.

Just as happened with Facebook, Pinterest started out as a place to share recipes and craft project tutorials and has turned into a huge marketing opportunity for businesses. As part of a marketing plan that includes a website, blog and an additional social media platform, Pinterest can be a powerful tool–especially for creativity-centered or visual businesses (think interior designers, artists, graphic designers, etc.).

Yes, there is now such a thing as a “Business Pinterest account.”

Pinterest, like Facebook, doesn’t want you promoting your products and services on your personal page but on a separate business page.

If you use Pinterest for business–or hope to dive in soon–I’m here to guide you.

tabithadumas.com pinterest for business tutorials workshops
A recent Pinterest Strategy Session with The Happiness Queen.


In fact, you can join as a business right here. There are some tips and tools there worth checking out, too.

I offer one-on-one tutorials or workshops for groups of three and up all over the Phoenix valley. We can tailor your event to suit your level of Pinterest expertise and your goals. From “Pinterest 101” (where we actually set up your account) to “Advanced Pinterest Practices for Marketing and Networking,” we’ll work together to maximize your Pinterest efforts as part of your overall marketing plan.

I also offer specialized Pinterest tutorials and workshops for

  • bloggers
  • solopreneurs
  • writers and authors
  • local small business owners
  • interior designers
  • professional organizers
  • creative people from all walks of life.

Contact me for more information about scheduling a Pinterest workshop. Get a preview on my Pinterest for Business board.

Wondering what we’ll cover? So much, you’ll have to tell me when you’ve had enough! But definitely…

  1. Basic account set-up and the creation of at least 15 boards
  2. How to pin intentionally and efficiently using the “good, better, best” pins concept–yes, I made it up!
  3. Content strategy and an editorial calendar to determine what to post and when

How to use Pinterest…

  • as a part of your overall marketing plan and content strategy
  • to interact with your target market
  • to drive traffic to your website
  • to maximize your social media efforts
  • to connect with people and maximize your networking efforts (online and in real life)

And even more, based on your business and your interests.

Ready to get started? Contact me! 

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