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August 17, 2022

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Tabitha Dumas

What started as “Can you snap a quick head shot??” turned into a mini photo shoot last week!

I’m fortunate to have several talented photographers in my inner circle who have made sure I always have updated head shots! As a certified image consultant I feel it’s important to keep my online image current and authentic. Since I’m growing out my hair, I’ve had a few new pictures taken so my photos always look like…well…ME!

For this shoot, I asked our “official family photographer” Alicia Kern of Beba Photography to snap a few photos for my fall e-zine coming out at the end of August. We were meeting up for lunch and shopping and decided to pop into a park before we started our play time. It was hot and a storm was rolling in so we found the first area with leafy trees…

and here are the results! I’m amazed at how Alicia can so easily find a spot with great lighting and colors! 

I love them so much, I’m using them for head shots online and in any fall promotional materials.

This is the one you’ll find in the e-zine. I like more of my body being in it as well as being able to see the small rip in my jeans (not usually my “thing” but keeps this look casual) and my bracelets.

Tabitha Dumas Phoenix Image Consultant head shots

I’m so glad she captured a laughing pose. It will be great for marketing to show my more light-hearted side. Everyone needs a photo they love of them laughing! The crossed arms are fun, too.

Tabitha Dumas Phoenix Image Consultant head shots

This one shows more of my outfit but I don’t love my hands placement. I do like the flow of my hair, eyes, skin and outfit here.  Tabitha Dumas Phoenix Image Consultant head shots

This was a favorite of a toothy smile and I like it for promo. But…….

Tabitha Dumas Phoenix Image Consultant head shots

….my hubby and I agreed that this smile is more “me.”

Tabitha Dumas Phoenix Image Consultant head shots

Nevertheless, this one is the winner for most of my social media profiles and the banners on my business page and for my insiders’ group. I love it!

This similar one will be nice to place a quote or event info next to it.

Tabitha Dumas Phoenix Image Consultant head shots

Now a few tips!

  • Hire an experienced photographer who will guide you with how to pose and will capture you in the best light. I mean that literally. Lighting makes a huge difference and when you can do outside in natural light, it’s typically more flattering than in a studio (unless you’re going for a portrait or studio look).
  • Incorporate your Signature Color (mine is teal) into your outfit, accessories or background. It gives you brand consistency and makes you more memorable.
  • Consider darkening your makeup and using false eyelashes to give more “oomph” to your look, even if your day to day look is more simple. Eyeliner is a must and so is blush and lips. Also mind whether you should wear warm tones vs. cool tones. I have done my makeup in all warm tones with lots of terra cotta and brown and I just don’t like it on me so I did a more neutral eye and lip (especially since the teal was going to be near my face and can be more cool). If my top had been cooler, I’d have gone with more pink and berries. But I wanted to look more fall!
  • Do a variety of poses and make sure and try different smiles: small and subtle, big and happy, medium, sassy, etc.
  • Capture a laughing moment!
  • Take a few with more background so you can add a quote or information next to it for marketing promos.
  • Keep your look simple but add a few interest points with jewelry or a scarf. You don’t want to look flat or boring (again, unless that’s what you’re going for). It’s OK to have pattern and a little bling. It helps you stand out!

Do you need new head shots? Do you have questions? Let me know in the comments.

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The top is from Judy Wear Boutique in Chandler (I’m happy to meet you there for personal shopping!)

Jewelry is all from the company I rep: Jbloom


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