Welcome our new family members!

September 19, 2023

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Tabitha Dumas

Yes, we have new family members and, yes, it’s plural!

The front pup is smaller and more shy and is named Honey. The back pup is more confident and bigger and is named Biscuit.

We rescued not one but two sweet female pups from a local family whose landlord wouldn’t allow them to stay. The dad dog was super friendly and sweet and we saw the bond the girls had so we brought them both home.

If you don’t know, Kate is a HUGE animal lover and dogs in particular and aspires to be a pet rescuer or pet vet. She has so much love to give and longs to be a big sister so now she has two little sisters to care for and love on!


NAMES: Honey (the darker one) and Biscuit

AGE: About three months

BREED: Probably a mix of Chihuahua and Dachshund with maybe some shepherd mixed in. They’re a great size for our home and for Kate to hold.

They’re very quiet, super friendly and affectionate. So far they love everyone who holds them! They prefer to be together and Biscuit checks in on Honey frequently but they’re happy to sleep separately, too.

We’ve known for a while that Kate “needed” a dog and had been looking off and on. In my heart I knew we’d find “the one” and know it was right. I was chatting with Drew eating a pasta salad when he found these girls and texted the owner that we could come see them right away. He mentioned the possibility of rescuing both sisters and when we met them and saw how sweet they were to each other, we knew we couldn’t split them up.

An hour later we were driving home with them!

Now Kate has two little sisters!

We spent the next day surprising my mom then spreading the news. So many of our friends have dogs and Kate has grown up with a few of them so I knew they’d be thrilled. Kate had also been saving her money to go shopping for her future dog(s) so we had a blast getting all the dog accoutrements with Nana. Tuesday was spent practicing house training and puppy-proofing the main living areas.

On night one they were both super shy and quiet but not overly skittish. They loved snuggling up together with Kate! Night two was a bit of a blur (including about three hours of them racing around and having the time of their lives while I was not sleeping) but we know there will be an adjustment period. And they’re puppies!

They’re absolutely adorable and we know Kate will love nurturing them, training them and taking care of them.

Feel free to give us all the puppy advice you have! I haven’t had a dog in about 23 years and we haven’t had a pet since 2017 so we’ll be learning a lot. This is a fun new chapter for our family.


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