Never be under dressed again (16 point accessory rule)

October 27, 2019

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Tabitha Dumas

You know that woman who looks always looks so snazzy and put-together? There’s a good chance she’s following–whether she knows it or not–the 16 point accessory rule. It could also be “how to get dressed” or like this post, never be under dressed again. It’s a way to safe guard against looking plain or lacking personality. If you’re a woman who needs to be noticed and unforgettable, it’s the best way to get into the habit of dressing up and elevating your image. It will also help you wear all those scarves, necklaces, tights and belts you own!

Download a free PDF version here.

16-Point Accessory Rule here


2 points for shoes, 1 point for each shoe
1 point for a pretty pedicure displayed through open-toed shoes


1 point for fashionable tights or leggings; no points for regular panty hose


1 point for each basic garment you are wearing
1 point extra for each multi-colored garment
(Ex: black jeans, multi-colored shirt, black jacket = 1+2+1=4 points
1 point for wearing a belt


1 point for wearing glasses
1 point for wearing make-up
1 point if you’ve received a compliment on your hair in the last two weeks


1 point for each ring; wedding ring set = 1 point for set
1 point for nice nails; well groomed, no chipped polish
1 point for each watch, bracelet, or bangle
1 point for each earring
1 point for a necklace, single strand and proportionally sized
2 points for a necklace, double strand, triple strand or large sized

Add-On Accessory

1 point each for a shawl, hat, scarf, wrap, or other add-on accessory item
1 point for handbag, if you are carrying it with you 100% of the time as a part
of your outfit

Add them up to determine your score.

0 Well, you would be naked!

0–12 Girlfriend, you need some accessories. Run out and get some NOW!

12–14 Almost there, but not quite. Determine where you can add something. Consider a bracelet, a ring, or maybe painting your nails.

14–16 Well done, my friend! You’ve got it goin’ on!

17+ Too much, sister. Take some things off until you settle at 16.

As you read through the list, be aware of how items add to your look like

  • glasses
  • a bag you’re carrying the whole time
  • pretty toes showing
  • a printed piece of clothing
  • a statement necklace

THOSE are the things that add to your over all look and without them, it’s also who you might look plain or even dowdy.

It’s also why women who wear what some might see as “a little much” are also the ones who garner attention and SCREAM personality.

Here’s a recent example from a photo shoot:

1 hair

1 makeup

1 blazer

1 cream top

1 pants

+1 printed pants

2 earrings

1 necklace

2 shoes

2 rings

2 bracelets

1 manicure

= 16

(Yes, my toes are showing but they weren’t painted a color that day and the glasses would add one more but I only wear them every now and then for distance)

Signature Style Statement Tabitha Dumas Phoenix Image consultant

Here’s another example based on what I wore to a Friday networking meeting and, YES, I counted it up when I put it together! {I’d be honored if you pinned and shared!}

16 point accessory rule never be under dressed again tabitha dumas phoenix image consultant

When you’re feeling a little “blah,” use this list to add items! If you’re already wearing a cute skirt and top, a few pieces of jewelry and fun shoes that you have enough on but you realize you’re only at, say, 12 points. Tie a scarf in your hair, throw on a cuff bracelet or paint your nails red and see how it elevates your look.

A side note, tattoos would also be a point or two and do add to your look. And if you’re wearing really funky glasses or a particularly loud print, that could mean you need one less bracelet.

The 16 point accessory rule becomes automatic over time. Until it does, post it in your closet and try it a few times. If you find it’s hard to achieve, go shopping.

Download a free PDF version here.

A few items that elevate any outfit:

  • scarves
  • a fun bag
  • printed tights
  • bright lipstick
  • a cool belt
  • a wacky accessory

Maybe you could also use an update on your hair and makeup. It’s worth revisiting every now and then! 

When you’re fully dressed, I guarantee you’ll receive compliments but even better, you’ll feel more put together and confident.

Let me know if you have questions! Comment below or visit me on social media. I’d love to know how you put this into practice and if it helps you feel more confident!

16 point accessory rule never be underdressed again tabitha dumas phoenix image consultant


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