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My Facebook rant

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I have a love/hate relationship with Facebook so this is

my Facebook rant.

It is common for people to say to me, “I love reading your Facebook posts.”

Hearing that makes me happy.

I am (hopefully) consistent on being

  • positive and upbeat
  • inspiring
  • authentic and
  • uncontroversial.

I determined many years ago that my purpose on Facebook was to be a force for good and an “agent of encouragement.” I try to keep things as positive as possible while also sharing my occasional frustrations and struggles along the way, too.

I also use it as a way to connect with people both professional and personally so I accept every friend request from people I know and I have blocked exactly one person since I joined in 2008 (and that was because she attacked me openly on my own wall–I don’t tolerate that).

Yes, I spend about an hour per day going through my feed and making uplifting and supportive comments or sharing a quiz or interesting article. It’s my way of spreading a little love in what is often a very angry world.

My purpose is NOT to share family stories and photos (although a little of that sneaks in, of course–but only if it’s positive, inspiring, authentic and uncontroversial!), to make religious or political statements or to take a stand on anything, really–except on positivity and encouragement.

So! If YOU rarely comment…if you find Facebook frustrating…if you don’t know what to post…I encourage you to determine your PURPOSE for Facebook and post and comment in accordance with that.

Be careful about what you post, what links you post, how and where you comment and what posts and pages you ‘like.’ Everyone is watching.Β 

As for me, I hope you like what you see.

SIDENOTE: Other than that one woman I had to block (she did later apologize for her ridiculous attack), I am treated EXTREMELY well on Facebook by my friends, family and cohorts. I believe that is because when you spread encouragement, you receive an abundance of encouragement in return. There has got to be some of the “what goes around, comes around” aspect at play, too–along with the concept of Β “you teach people how to treat you.”Β Just something to think about.Β 

Do you have a set purpose on Facebook? What do you love about Facebook? What are your frustrations?

Feel free to comment or hop on over to my Facebook page to keep the conversation going.

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