Morning basket for moms

February 6, 2019

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Tabitha Dumas

In looking for tea party ideas for St. Patrick’s Day, tea party poetry readings popped up (hello! I’m definitely doing that) which led me to this poetry basket! (I love Pinterest) Thus the idea of a morning basket for moms was born.

It was this image…(doesn’t that look so irresistible?)

morning basket for moms by Tabitha Dumas

and this article titled “Poetry Basket for Creative Writing Fun.”

It turned out to be a morning basket. We all know the morning sets the tone for our day so I was intrigued!

What is a morning basket?

I did a Pinterest search on “morning basket” and saw so many creative ideas! Evidently it’s mostly used in home schooling. The concept seems to have started with Pam Barnhill. Doesn’t that look like a fun way to start the day??

The morning basket often has books across multiple subject areas (including art and nature) that correspond to the day or week’s lessons and could even stand in for the day’s lessons in a pinch. Some families encourage the kids to start their day independently with the morning basket OR it provides quality family time and a chance to begin the day with attention on what’s most important, like devotions or hymns.

I liked this from The Littles and Me: “When creating a morning basket without getting really overwhelmed I have found it’s helpful to pick 3 main focus areas that are important to your family. When I chose our top 3 I thought about what our family really values and if I could only do 3 things in one day what would those things be. For us that is 1. growing in our relationship with God (diving into the Bible, worship, and prayer), 2. learning and 3. reading aloud.”

This mom wanted to start their day focused on beauty…and FUN. It includes…

  • Devotions
  • Memory Work Review
  • SHORT Latin Lesson
  • Math Games
  • Music or Art Appreciation (Listening, playing, observing, creating)
  • CNN Student News

This mom keeps a binder with hymns, memory verses, poetry and read-alouds.

I love the idea of a positive start to the day, especially for moms. It’s so easy to get to bedtime having attended to all the urgencies of life without paying attention to what’s most important to us.

So I ask you. For your morning basket for moms…

  • what do you want to focus on at the start of each day that might get lost otherwise?
  • if you could only get to three things in a day, what would they be?
  • how can you incorporate your faith into your morning routine?
  • how can you incorporate art into your morning routine?

Some ideas.

  • daily devotional
  • poetry
  • art journal
  • scripture memory cards
  • prayer journal
  • you tell me!

I think it would be fun to change it up for the season and to switch out the art occasionally. And like home schooling, make the components fit the theme of what you’re studying or learning!

Find more ideas on Simple Living Mama

Morning basket for moms

and my Catholic mamas will love Wildflowers and Marbles.

What would be in your basket? Comment or hop on over to the Facebook page.


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