The Mom Quilt and Mercy House (I’m featured!)

I’m very thrilled to share some news with you about

The Mom Quilt and Mercy House.

I heard about The Mom Quilt from my friend Tiffiny of Spark and Pook when she told me about a collaborative book project they were doing to raise money and asked me to take a look at the piece she was going to submit.

I’ve known about Mercy House Kenya for several years now because I’ve followed Kristen of We Are THAT Family since my very early blogging days.

When I found out that the proceeds of the book are going to Mercy House to help fund a well, I knew I had to submit a story so I stayed up late that night, wrote one and submitted it, saying a prayer as I hit “send.”

I was thrilled when they told me my story was accepted and even more excited when I found out that Tiffiny’s story was accepted, too!

The Mom Quilt and Mercy House TabithaDumas.com

Here is more information from Beauty Through Imperfection:

“These stories are a reflection of the things we share and the things that make us unique. It is emotional and beautiful, you will likely laugh and cry right along with the authors as they share an authentic glimpse into their lives, struggles, joys and successes (I know I did).

In addition to being encouraged yourself by this book, 100% of the money from purchases of the book will be going towards building a water well in Kenya on the Mercy House property. Currently, water is trucked in from miles away. It is costly in time and money and we would love to take away that stress and expense from the ministry so they are freed up to focus in other areas. Our first and current goal is to raise $40,000 through book sales to cover the cost of this well, which is being built on top of a mountain, where the Mercy House is located.”

I’m so excited to be a part of this project, I hope you’ll help support it! The ebook is just $9.99.

I just re-read my story and–no joke–it made me cry. I think you’ll like it, too!

If you want to know more, visit Mercy House Kenya.


To be receive updates on the well project, visit this page and sign up at the bottom with your email address: The Mom Quilt Well

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I'm featured in The Mom Quilt! Proceeds benefit Mercy House. tabithadumas.com

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