Are you making these five common mistakes when getting dressed?

May 25, 2016

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Tabitha Dumas

I’ve done some of them. We all have. As I’m out and about and working with women, they’re the 5 most common mistakes when getting dressed.

1. Wearing black.

I’m sorry to hurt your feelings, but…black doesn’t look good on everyone.

If you are a DEEP, CLEAR or COOL…you’re OK!!

My SOFT Dominant Category ladies should NOT be wearing black. Gray, beige or brown would be so much better.

mistakes when getting dressed from image consultant

A SOFT wearing black. source

Many of my LIGHTS need to avoid black near their face, too. The only blondes who looks good in black are those with very light or even platinum blonde hair, like below.

mistakes when getting dressed from image consultant

Very light or platinum blondes look great in black! source

For my WARM ladies…black is not your best color, either.

mistakes when getting dressed from image consultant

Amy Adams is gorgeous but brown would be so much more flattering. source

Try navy, brown or gray instead of black and see if it works better. 

Not sure of whether you’re a Light, Deep, Soft, Clear, Warm or Cool? Book a Color Analysis Appointment here.

2. Under accessorizing.

Accessorizing is one of the simplest and most affordable ways to jazz up an outfit. Accessories…

  • add color to your outfit
  • add texture and shine
  • draw attention where you want it
  • express your personality
  • make a plain outfit look stylish
  • make you look more put-together
  • give you a conversation starter
  • get you noticed
  • make your outfit look intentional
  • help you look more balanced, lean and/or proportionate

Without accessories, you just look…blah.

Read more: Jewelry accessorizing tips

A belt, a scarf, a statement necklace…they’re guaranteed to elevate your image and give some WOW to a simple outfit. 

mistakes getting dressed from image consultant

Accessories take an ordinary outfit to WOW! source

3. Forgoing makeup.

The older we get, the more important it is to accentuate our best features and use color to perk up our complexion. We lose contrast as we age and contrast = youth!

Going without makeup gives the impression that you…

  • don’t know how to wear makeup (which shouldn’t be an excuse after the age of 16)
  • don’t have time to spend on your appearance (which often makes people think you are disorganized or sloppy)
  • don’t care about your appearance (which relates to the confidence factor)
  • don’t take yourself very seriously

WEARING makeup makes women look fresher, younger and more polished.

Five to eight minutes is all you need.

mistakes getting dressed from image consultant

A simple makeup look enhances your best features. source

At the very least, wear mascara + blush + a lip color to avoid looking tired or washed out. 

4. Wearing the wrong prints.

Prints are tricky because not only do the colors need to work for you, but the print SIZE as well as the contrast level also needs to complement you.

Neither sweet watercolor florals nor zebra print work on everyone.

Depending on your levels of contrast, a more muted or vivid print will keep the attention on your beautiful face.

mistakes getting dressed from image consultant

The right prints for your level of contrast

And the right print size will help you look proportionate and balanced.

mistakes getting dressed from image consultant

Prints and scale

For a refresher…

click here for a lesson in contrast and

click here for a lesson in print size and proportion.

5. Wearing trends instead of dressing for your body shape.

Palazzo pants, cut-off shorts, blinged-out jeans pockets, crop tops, overalls, rompers, cullottes…while cute on models and mannequins, these trends often don’t work on my average 5’5″ and size 14 clients. 

Here’s the thing (I see it on Pinterest all the time)…

If you are a bigger gal, you cannot just wear a trend in a bigger size and think it looks good.

And don’t be fooled. “Plus size models” are often a size 10 or 12.

You have to dress for your curves and your shape. 

If you have a small waist and wide hips, wear a belt.

If you’re busty…or not well-endowed…wear a print top to trick the eye. 

If you have pretty legs, show them off! 

Trying trends is fun but they have to work for your figure.

mistakes getting dressed from image consultant

She looks beautiful and perfectly on trend! source

I hope these five mistakes when getting dressed help you think about your image and look and feel more confident!

Which areas do you need to work on?


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