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Embracing the messy-beautiful

{First published on Facebook on February 10th, 2015}

Allow me to get soulful for a moment?

The messy-beautiful, have you heard of it?

It’s similar to wabi sabi.

It’s living with an open hand, accepting the good and the ugly, knowing you can’t close your hand without closing out the good stuff, too.

It’s enjoying the moments and embracing imperfection, knowing that life is glorious…and it’s also really hard.

It has taken me years, but I live it most days now. Today. Today I went to yoga and hugged my mama in the parking lot. I wrote a lot. I never did take a shower or change out of my yoga clothes but I did take our neighbor friend along to karate so she could see what the boys do there. I offered some feedback to someone I respect very much. I set appointments. I also procrastinated on a writing project–again.

A nephew was born today!

I ran out to the store and left Drew in charge of dinner. I didn’t even touch the sink full of dirty dishes but I did watch three episodes of Friends while I ate my lunch and gave myself a pedicure. Red. For Valentine’s Day.

I was selfish. I was selfless. I hugged the people I love most. I moved my body, neglected my housework and enjoyed the heat of the sun on my shoulders. I watered my flowers, ate too much chocolate and ate dinner in front of the TV.

There was nothing extraordinary about today but it held about a million amazing moments and after suffering from anxiety years ago, I appreciate the beauty of the mundane now more than ever. Drew’s jokes, snuggling Ethan, Andrew’s riddles, updates from my mom, texts from a friend, the cat trying to drink out of my cup…they delight me. And the dirty dishes? The possible falling out from the feedback I gave? That doesn’t bother me anymore.

Life IS beautiful. And messy. I hope I live that out for all to see and I hope I celebrate your messy-beautiful here and in real life.

There is so much to be thankful for. I hope you have a messy-beautiful day.

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