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Meet my cohorts!

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I met April when I taught a Pinterest workshop for NAPO (the National Association of Professional Organizers) earlier this year. April is a person I would refer to as “my ideal client.” Besides being adorable, fun-loving and really easy to work with, she’s also a (new) wife, mom and talented professional organizer.

When we met, April was just about to launch into her own business as a professional organizer FULL TIME. She needed the works: branding, marketing messages, a marketing plan, a website, head shots, social media accounts–everything.

I got to know April, her personality and preferences and her vision for her business and we worked together to establish her

  • target client
  • branding basics
  • color scheme
  • core marketing messages and
  • content strategy.

We wanted her vibe to be fresh and light.

We wanted people to know that hiring April is like having your best girlfriend come over to help you organize–except April is a professional who’s not afraid to be ruthless.

April is all about helping people get more white space in their lives–clearing the clutter and being able to breathe again. She loves stepping in when people feel overwhelmed and hopeless and we wanted that to come across.

So! To help her launch out, I put her in touch with some of the women in my network. I call them my cohorts.

Cohorts on TabithaDumas.com Simple Space Solutions, Shine Avenue Creative and Elaine Kessler Photography











There’s my lovely and creative real-life friend Andrea Boring as well as the always-inspiring Phoenix photographer Elaine Kessler. We worked as a team alongside several other talented professionals and the end result is absolutely stunning.

I give you… SimpleSpaceSolutions.com!

Check out the colors, the design, the photography, the copy–isn’t is amazing?!?

I wrote the copy and the opt-in, too, and it is also gorgeous! I encourage you to sign up for the free report, you’ll love it!

Here are several pieces of good news.

  1. The gals who created the design, logo and opt-in are Shine Avenue Creative, Innovative Website & Marketing Strategies for Small Businesses, Brand and Bloggers. Take a look at what they have to offer, you’ll be impressed!
  2. If you need a Photographer for Your Lifestyle and you are in or near the Phoenix valley, talk to Elaine Kessler. I promise, she will inspire you!
  3. I highly recommend April of Simple Space Solutions if you need more white space in your life! Contact her!
  4. Guess what?!? I’M NEXT to get a brand new website/blog, logo and opt-in for MY business from Shine Avenue Creative. It will be my first time hiring help for my branding/design, can you believe that?! I am beyond excited and of course I will take you along on the journey.
  5. AND THE BEST NEWS???? If YOU need help bringing your business, brand or blog vision to life with the right colors, designs, photography, marketing messages, content strategy and beyond…you can hire ME and we will assemble a team of professionals to meet YOUR needs. Ready to get started?? Go to Work With Me!

By the way, I created my first Branding Inspiration Board, here it is! (yes, when we work together, you’ll get one of your very own!)


my branding inspiration board for Shine Avenue Creative tabithadumas.com






















Little makes me happier than a woman like April confidently launching a new venture because she had the right team of professionals helping her put herself out there authentically and effectively. If you need help putting yourself out there, I hope you’ll contact us.

Stop hiding–start showing UP!

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