Meet Kate Annelise!

September 29, 2017

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Tabitha Dumas

It turns out, I wasn’t, in fact, the first woman to be pregnant forever!

Meet Kate Annelise

Our precious daughter graced us with her presence on Tuesday, September 26th at 1:23 pm. She weighed in at a teeny 6 lbs 10 oz and measured 20.5″ long.

***Check out Kate’s one week update and two week update on my site***

The story is that I went to the midwife Monday the 25th at what they counted as a week and one day past my due date (and a full six days past what I guessed!). There were talks of elective induction if I were feeling “done” and an ultrasound was scheduled for the next day to check on her. It was late afternoon and we were very eager to meet her AND to avoid any diagnostics or interventions so we opted for a minor procedure that worked for our last baby, and went on our way.

I woke up at about 3:00am Tuesday with what I thought were very early labor pains. I slept a little, then timed a few at about 5:00am. I let my hubby sleep until 7:00am (he had a long few days ahead!) then he helped me time them for a bit. By about 8:30, I had given my mom the heads up and we were getting our boys breakfast. Things were picking up.

At 8:45am, I had my ladies light their labor candles. We were in labor!

The midwife on call advised me to wait to come to the hospital until contractions were more like three minutes apart, so once they were starting to get anywhere from 5-4-3 minutes apart, we said it was time.

We checked in to triage at 10:45. We were in the labor and delivery room by 11:30 and told my parents to get down there with the boys.

I was very comfortable (the nurses were laughing, evidently I make labor look “easy”) and they were monitoring Kate’s heart rate for a bit and thought there could be an issue with her cord since her heart rate wasn’t changing much with contractions. Things progressed nicely until I was almost completely ready to push and the only thing preventing her from arriving was the bag of waters so we asked the midwife to break it (we’d had to do the same with my last birth).

Once my water broke, I had the worst contraction of the day then the urge to push kicked in and about ten minutes later, Drew was catching her!

She cried right away and I was absolutely overwhelmed with joy, relief and the deepest love I’ve ever felt. She was here, she was safe and she was gorgeous!

Meet Kate Annelise! Tabitha Dumas introducing Kate

We let the cord stop pulsing then had our oldest, Andrew, cut it. Kate and I enjoyed a long time being skin to skin, with the nurse fighting with her to nurse because Kate was already so strong and alert! She’s feisty!

We were dumbfounded to find out she was just 6 lbs 10 oz. She’s just a petite little girl because her Apgars were 9 and 9 and she checked out 100% perfectly every time she was examined. She’s truly our little bundle of joy! 

We checked out of the hospital ASAP which turned out to be about 4:00pm the next day. I loved her little sister outfit and the boys were so happy to welcome her home! 

Cool details…she was born on the 26th like Andrew and on a Tuesday like Ethan! 

Meet Kate Annelise! Tabitha Dumas introducing Kate


Meet Kate Annelise! Tabitha Dumas introducing Kate

She has a strong little neck, the brightest and biggest eyes that find you when you’re talking to her, long fingers and toes and the sweetest mouth. She’s definitely all girl, although as you can see, she strongly resembles both of her brothers! 

Meet Kate Annelise! Tabitha Dumas introducing Kate

As of three days in, she’s an absolute pro at nursing, super calm and sweet, pooping great and adjusting to our crazy household. I am literally loving every minute of it and soaking it all in. I love the newborn phase and we have waited soooo long for this.

Her brothers are crazy about her and she responds to them. I still can’t believe I’m a mother of three!

As for me, this recovery has been completely smooth so far and I have to remind myself to take it easy and rest. I’m fortunate to have lots of help and ample opportunity to sleep when I need to.

This pregnancy, labor and birth have been off the charts incredible and I thank God for that. At every step, He has blessed us beyond measure and I am overwhelmed with gratitude.

I have the desire of my heart in my arms!

THANK YOU to those who have cheered us on during this process and been a part of the journey. We couldn’t be happier and we’re excited to settle in to our new normal.


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