How to meditate in your closet

September 30, 2016

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Tabitha Dumas

It recently occurred to me that it’s possible to meditate in your closet.

Meditation isn’t just sitting cross-legged on a floor pillow with incense burning and a zen CD playing in the background for an hour, or doing tree pose at the top of a mountain at sunrise–it takes on many forms.

Why NOT meditate in your closet??

Meditate is defined as “to engage in thought or contemplation; reflect.”

It’s the sort of thing you have to slow down for.

Meditation is a wonderful daily practice, especially during stressful times. It keeps us focused, centered and intentional.

My favorite way to meditate is to pray.

Whether in the moment a friend requests prayer or during my daily time with God, prayer helps me tune out the world and tune into The Spirit.

So why meditate in your closet?

  • You’re already in there. It’s easier to make meditation a daily practice when it fits seamlessly into your day.
  • Like eating, being mindful of how you get dressed helps you enjoy the moment more.
  • Putting an outfit together should be a relaxing exercise.
  • It helps you slow down and consider how you’re choosing to “show up” in your life
  • How you dress sets the tone for your day so why not do so purposefully? 


1. Simplify first.

Declutter and organize your closet. You can do it in an afternoon or over a weekend.

I recommend slim, velvet hangers to save space and give your closet a cohesive feel.

If clothes are crammed together, or you don’t even know what you have, it’s time to purge.

Do the same for your jewelry, accessories and shoes. My favorite question to ask when wondering whether to get rid of something is, “If I saw this in the store today, would I buy it?”

Here are my posts for you:

Declutter your closet

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If you need help, consider booking me to come help you with your closet by clicking HERE.

2. Arrange your closet in a way that is pleasing and easy to navigate.

You can categorize items by use (work, weekend) or arrange them by color.

Search Pinterest for “closet organization” ideas and inspiration.

Find what works for you.

You should feel happy when you open or walk into your closet!

Here’s how I organize my wardrobe.

3. Organize your jewelry and accessories so you can see what you have.

Treat your dresser or jewelry chest like a display in a boutique. Have pretty bowls, organizers and trays to keep things untangled and accessible.

Have belts and scarves hanging where it’s easy to play with them.

Capture the feeling you got when you’d play in your grandmother’s jewelry box! (I’m 38 and still do!)

Here are some tips about accessorizing with jewelry.

BONUS TIP! Add art, pretty jewelry organizers and attractive displays to your closet or dresser to make the experience as joyful as possible.

4. Consider a capsule wardrobe.

Having fewer pieces is liberating AND allows for more creativity.

When you only have 27, you can invest in fabulous, high-quality pieces and focus your energy on jewelry and accessories.

Here’s my post about Starting a capsule wardrobe.

Check out the 27 Hangers online academy via my friend and mentor here. I have a special bonus for you upon purchase!

5. Put outfits together.

The point is to be intentional about getting dressed. I recommend setting your clothes out the night before but if you enjoy getting dressed as part of your morning routine (or want to wait to see what mood you’re in!), GREAT!

Just don’t just grab the first tee shirt and jeans you can get your hands on.

Think about…

  • the image you want to portray
  • how comfortable you need to be
  • the weather
  • the mood and occasion of the event you’re attending
  • how you want to feel (I wrote more about that here)

Here are some blog posts if you want to explore more:

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Wardrobe and majority lifestyle

Let me know if you try to meditate in your closet!

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