July 17, 2018

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Tabitha Dumas

 A makeUpdate combines Color Analysis with a makeup lesson and application. When was the last time you updated your makeup??

As your coloring changes (you are golfing more and getting a tan, or covering up and have lightened…OR changed your hair color!), your makeup needs a change. As we age, our features start to fade, too, so we have to learn new techniques for accentuating them. Plus each Color Code has specific makeup recommendations that will flatter your complexion and accent your natural beauty.


This is one of my favorite services because MAKEUP…

  • helps us look more put-together and coordinated
  • makes us feel more confident
  • gives the impression that we care and have an attention to detail
  • is an inexpensive way to update our look and express our personality
  • assures the colors we wear look as radiant as possible
  • is FUN!

A makeup lesson was one of the first things my Color Analysis clients wanted once they knew their Color Code and best colors and received their wardrobe color palette…so we created this offering to combine both! 

Put-together women typically look that way because their hair, makeup, colors and accessories suit their coloring and their contrast levels. Makeup is one of the first things people notice about you (along with your hair and your jewelry) so it’s important to keep it, well, updated.

At the appointment, I will drape you and determine your Color Code. Jen will ask you some questions about your makeup routine and preferences then put together a makeup capsule that suits your Color Code and personality. Don’t worry, you can be as natural or as glamorous as you want! Then I will go over your Color Code rules and help you narrow down your best colors. After that, Jen will go over your ideal makeup colors + offer application tips and techniques and how to use which colors where. You’ll also have the opportunity to purchase the products she used right at the appointment.

My part is the same as the Color Analysis outlined here.

MakeUpdate Availability

This appointment combines a Basic Color Analysis WITH a makeup lesson and application from my dear friend Jennifer Hoffman who is my neighbor and cohort and a talented esthetician and makeup artist. Read about why I LOVE Seint makeup HERE and an overview of the products I use. Her Facebook group is here. Jen is wonderful about boosting a woman’s confidence by showing her her best makeup colors and teaching application techniques that enhance a woman’s natural beauty.

The cost for a MakeUpdate is $264. Contact me to arrange your appointment time so I can coordinate with you and Jen. 

Plan to go out after your appointment because you will look AMAZING! 


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