Makeup recommendations for your Color Code

April 13, 2018

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Tabitha Dumas

I offer makeup recommendations for your Color Code because women who wear makeup are seen as more professional, put-together and as having an attention to detail. The women I talk to report that they feel more confident when they wear makeup. And if you’re going to make the effort to put makeup on, you want it to be the right colors for your complexion, right? I know women stand in the makeup aisle of their favorite store feeling completely overwhelmed so here are my makeup recommendations for your Color Code.

To start with, if you don’t know your Color Code…

  1. Click here to Discover Your Signature Color and you’ll ALSO find out what your Color Code is along with links to the corresponding Pinterest boards
  2. If you’re local to the Phoenix area, come to my home studio in Chandler, AZ for a full Phoenix Color Analysis with Signature Color and MakeUpdate HERE
  3. Read my blog post called Introducing…your Color Code

There are TWO makeup lines I stand behind and I love that both are direct sales companies so your purchase supports a woman in business!

Read about my Maskcara makeup routine here.

Read about my Mary Kay makeup routine here.

I also recommend my Warm vs. Cool: Look Good In Any Color video HERE.

The suggestions I am offering you below come straight from Shari Braendel’s book Help Me, Jesus! I Have Nothing To Wear!

Onto my makeup recommendations for your Color Code!

These are products EVERY category should use:


Primer helps give a flawless finish, helps makeup last longer and often has SPF.


Whether powder or liquid, something to even out the skin tone is vital. Go with as little coverage as you need to avoid looking flat or fake.


Black work on virtually everyone. If you are a LIGHT, SOFT or WARM, a brown-black might work. Blue or purple are fun, too!


A cream shadow or eyelid primer gives your eye makeup a great foundation and can even be worn on its own in a pinch.


Everyone looks good in beiges and neutral browns.

Here are suggestions for specific eye colors.


Brown shimmer, brown matte, peach, taupe.


Brown matte, brown shimmer, beige, plum, violet.


Rose matte or shimmer, peach, gray, brown matte or shimmer.

Makeup recommendations for your specific Color Code


Blush: A light natural pink or peach tone

Lips: Soft shades of pink, peach, plum or natural brown

Eyeliner: Medium brown, charcoal gray, plum

Eyeshadow: (see above based on eye color) + stick to lighter shades of beige, gray or peach

Mascara: Black or brown


Blush: Medium shades of plum or natural hues of brown or brick

Lips: Neutrals, berries, plums

Eyeliner: Dark brown or black

Eyeshadow: (see above based on eye color) + deep plums, grays and greens

Mascara: Black or brown


Blush: Medium shades of rose or peach

Lips: Medium shades of neutrals, peaches, coral, pink or brown

Eyeliner: Brown, bronze, plum, charcoal.

Eyeshadow: (see above based on eye color) + soft shades of gray, beige and peach

Mascara: Black or brown


Blush: Neutral, soft rose, plum

Lips: Berries, neutrals, high-shine

Eyeliner: Black, navy, plum, dark brown

Eyeshadow: (see above based on eye color) + bright or dark shades for contrast

Anything with shimmer!

Mascara: Black


Blush: Coral, brown, peach, brick

Lips: Copper, neutral, brown, peach, coral

Eyeliner: Brown, bronze, green

Eyeshadow: (see above based on eye color) + copper or gold shades

Copper, bronze and green are also nice for WARM.

Mascara: Black or brown


Blush: Pink, plum, berry or rose

Lips: Shades of pink, plum, berry

Eyeliner: Black, charcoal, gray, navy, plum

Eyeshadow: (see above based on eye color) + pinks, purples and grays

Cool ladies are sensational in cool silvers and pretty pinks plus a little sparkle.

Mascara: Black or navy

I hope these makeup recommendations for your Color Code help you look and feel your very best!

If you’re ready for personalized recommendations or a makeup lesson, book a MakeUpdate today!


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