Makeup capsule for your Color Code

September 6, 2020

Written By

Tabitha Dumas

Are you wondering what a makeup capsule for your Color Code can do for you? Much like a capsule wardrobe, a makeup capsule…

  • is a limited, mix-and-match palette of colors that suit your color code and all work together
  • simplifies your makeup routine, often to just a handful of products that fit into one compact, one cosmetic bag or one drawer
  • helps you create a signature look
  • reduces the clutter of makeup you rarely or never wear
  • saves time and money, especially when the products can be replaced one by one instead of being stuck with colors you never use

As you can imagine, a LIGHT Color Code would wear lighter colors including beige and taupe. A DEEP would go for deeper shades, especially berries. SOFT gals wear soft shades including rose gold and moss green. WARM ladies do the coppers and golds. My CLEAR beauties can go brighter and more bold and should also incorporate shine. COOL gals do great with pinks, purples and silvers.

Creating a makeup capsule for each Color Code is something I’ve wanted to do for years now because once my clients have their Color Analysis, they typically want to 1. go shopping 2. clean out their closet and/or 3. update their makeup.

Speaking of, I have a confession. I am a wannabe Soft or Clear Color Code. I love both and often wish I could embrace their colors. Alas I am a DEEP and, though I try to resist it, I look best in not only DEEP colors but DEEP shades of makeup. My friend Jen who is my makeup artist and Seint rep helped me realize the DEEP makeup look is a bit dramatic and I’m…not. I can be dramatic and love to embrace my elegant side but I’m also more light-hearted and my everyday look is more feminine, fun and fresh then it is glamorous. Nevertheless…

I look good when I embrace my Deep-ness and most ladies also look amazing when they wear the right makeup for their Color Code. I highly recommend at least trying it, especially as you work on updating your wardrobe colors!

Dressing for your Color Code includes everything from the pieces of your outfit to your bag and shoes to your contrast levels. Your makeup is the finishing touch!

Here I am not only in DEEP Seint makeup but wearing a deep brown top to match my eyes AND deep-toned jewelry. It gives me hair, eyes and skin a “flow” and that’s what we want.

makeup capsule for your color code by tabitha dumas signature color style


**Capsule recommendations of Seint makeup for each Color Code are COMING SOON!**

In the meantime, check out the products I am using HERE.


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