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Welcome to my latest venture…the

Quarterly Purposeful Faith Life Style digital magazine!

Stay tuned for the FALL 2023 magazine. In the meantime, enjoy these previous issues.

Spring 2023

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Purposeful Faith Life Style magazine Tabitha Dumas

Meet the contributors:

Editor Extraordinaire: Tiffiny Spire on Instagram and TiffinySpire.com
Sassy Seniors writer: Pat Grimes (my mom) on Instagram
Contributing writer: Rebekah W.

Meet the Spring Spotlight: Women Spreading Joy

Kristi of Miracle Haven Garden
Suzy of Artkeyologie


This is your best ever–no really. Very inspiring thoughts on grace. Useful content. Gorgeous selection of pictures. I loved it all and to be honest I will be using a lot of the inspirational ideas. Great job once again! -Pat G.

I absolutely love the e-zine. It is so beautifully orchestrated and the articles are timely for all of us. Thank you so much for having the insight and foresight to do this. I would truly pay for a subscription and here it is right on your website. Thank you again! And May God grant you much success with it. -Bobbie G.

Lovely……just lovely. -Sheree F.

Read through your refreshing spring magazine…Your gift basket article gave me an idea for a gift for a man I don’t know very well. Aaaand…I think it’s time to invite some friends over for a game night. -Jessica M.

I read it last night at 3:00am. LOL. Chock full of spring inspo that speak thru God’s loving eyes. I love your HeArt Miss Tabitha! -Suzy D.

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Winter 2022/2023 Edition

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That was just lovely to stop, read and savor. The past 5 weeks have been exhilarating and busy as I’ve been leading an effort with many moving parts. (1 more week to go to completion!) Making myself take the time to read your publication was a treat for me today. Minutes of rest! I feel a bit more centered and ready to tackle the remainder of today’s responsibilities. You are a gift, Tabitha. – Sheree F.

I just finished reading it through in one sitting. It was delightful and it was what I needed! After two months of high pressure, high stress life events my family is now going through an illness and I am weary. Rest is what I need and reading your magazine felt like a good start in that direction. I had a lovely hygge hour, wrapped in a cozy blanket, sipping my coffee, reading this magazine, reflecting and pondering. Thank you! -Renee P.

Fall 2022 Edition

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PFLS fall magazine 2022

The cover!

PFLS fall e-zine cover

Co-editor Extraordinaire and contributing writer: Tiffiny Spire
Sassy Seniors writer: Pat Grimes (my mom)
Writer of “Fall Makeup Tips”: Jen Hoffman


“It’s amazing! I enjoyed it all very much! Lots to unpack but I loved the theme and it was so encouraging. Great job!!!” -R.W. Oregon

“Wow-wow-wow! Knocked it out of the park, Sister. Looks so beautiful and professional. And it has given me ideas for my fall celebration.” -Pat G., my mom

“Awesome writing skills and creative talents are obvious.” -David G., my dad

“This was a joy to read! ♥️♥️♥️ The articles were very thought provoking and encouraging. And the gratitude theme is something I’ve been working on in my own life so it was perfect for me! Also, the illustrations/photos are beautiful! It got me excited for fall and I finally started decorating
my home for the season.” R.P.
“Great read! Definitely gonna try the Chai concentrate. Thanks for sharing!!?” -N.K.
“Just in time for my flight Thursday. I have not read a magazine on a flight in forever. So excited!! Downloaded and ready to go! Thank you!” -M.P.

Summer 2022 Edition

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Purposeful Faith Life Style Tabitha Dumas