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5 reasons to love Lularoe

You might have heard about Lularoe and if you know we in real life, you know I own several pieces I really enjoy. There are so many, but here are

five reasons to love Lularoe

This post from Now That I Can Do, Mama! sums it up even better, with prons, cons AND styling tips! Read it here.

1. You can shop from multiple reps AND in Facebook parties or in person.

Most of my Lularoe shopping has been done in a friend’s living room or wearing my pajamas at a Facebook virtual pop-up shop.

Unlike most direct sales companies, you are encouraged to shop around to find the prints and sizes you need. That’s fun, and low-pressure!

I bought these during a Facebook party two nights ago. The Julia dress (with my magenta cardigan)…

Five reasons to love Lularoe from tabithadumas.com

…and the Perfect T in blue.20161012_171940

2. Their pieces are comfortable!

The leggings really do feel like butter. When I wear mine, people always want to pet my leg. I let them.

Their clothes are stretchy, soft and easy to throw on. You just machine wash and line dry.

Five reasons to love Lularoe from tabithadumas.com
My Easter ensemble, the Azure skirt and Irma top.

3. Most of their pieces can be dressed up for work or down for the weekend.

They’re perfect for on the go moms as well as women like me who work from home and need to be comfortable AND look put together.

I wrote this post about looking put together without sacrificing comfort featuring my gorgeous friend, Jessica, the founder and executive director of Career Connectors. Her Lularoe “Cassie” skirt looks super snazzy!
Five reasons to love Lularoe from tabithadumas.com

If everyone in the world could wear Lularoe leggings, we would finally achieve world peace.

4. You’re supporting a woman who owns her own business.

The investment to get started is quite substantial so these women are serious.

From what I understand, new reps only receive certain pieces and you never know which prints you will get. Supporting them–whether new or seasoned–takes “shop local” to a whole new level.

I wore a Lularoe skirt and Irma to speak at a women’s luncheon.

Five reasons to love Lularoe from tabithadumas.com

I wore the same skirt recently with a black top and blazer.

Five reasons to love Lularoe from tabithadumas.com

5. The prints are a hoot!

This is so cool!

For every cut of fabric they get, they only make 1,000 pieces in that fabric and then… POOF! That particular fabric is gone from the presses… so while that means it may be tough for you to find an EXACT dress that you loved on someone else, that DOES mean that what you’re getting is unique and different and hardly anyone else is going to own the same dress as you! (from Still Being Molly)

Part of the why so many people love Lularoe is that their prints are adorable AND exclusive. They have solids, too, of course but the prints are just irresistible.

Lularoe’s prints are notoriously fun, colorful, whimsical and sometimes downright wacky. I have leggings with peppers, hearts and flowers. Here are my heart leggings with my two Irma tops. 

Five reasons to love Lularoe from tabithadumas.com

You are encouraged to mix patterns, too, like stripes with florals. It’s fun to play dress up!

Five reasons to love Lularoe from tabithadumas.com
Image via Kara Miller


We also love Lularoe because the pieces are affordable AND come in a wife variety of sizes!

There are so many reasons to love Lularoe. If you need help finding a rep, let me know, I have several that hook me up.

Have you tried Lularoe yet? What do you love about it?
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