What to look for in a direct sales consultant

April 12, 2017

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Tabitha Dumas

I’ve been deeply entrenched in the direct sales industry for as long as I can remember and some of my most pinned pins and most viewed blog posts are related to direct sales.

I’m a big believer in the direct sales industry, whether you simply want to purchase your favorite products at a discount, aspire to become a top earner in the company or anything in between.

The truth is, I’ve never been wildly successful in direct sales. Heck, it was a win if I broke even.

I have seen what it takes to be among the most successful and I simply don’t have the capacity for it right now. 

Currently I am a designer for jBloom Designs Jewelry because I love their company and the personalized jewelry to tell your style story.

I have a lot of pans in the fire so my direct sales businesses over the years were never my #1 priority. That was one of the reasons I was never particularly successful.

The benefits of having me for a consultant? 

  • I ordered regularly so my customers didn’t have to wait long
  • I always gave discounts and bonuses
  • I was low pressure
  • I was happy to deliver products to your door

Being low pressure also meant I wasn’t sales-y, so I wouldn’t try to up-sell, nor would I call my customers about every new product or special. Sometimes my customers missed out as a result.

I almost never hosted events or “parties,” either. Again, that could be seen as a negative.

There were many benefits I didn’t offer. These are what I look for in a consultant.

In that spirit, here’s what I’ve learned you need to

look for in a direct sales consultant.

1. A consultant who loves what they’re selling.

The common wisdom is to only sell what you love. Most women don’t say “I want to do direct sales. Let’s see…which company can I go with…??” They fall in love with a product or company and 1. want to buy it at a discount 2. want to offer it to others and/or 3. want to educate others about it.

If your consultant is just in it for the money, or doesn’t seem terribly enthusiastic about the products and the company, move on.

2. A consultant who’s committed to their business.

Someone who works their direct sales business full time is ideal but of course consultants who are just starting out are passionate and hard-working and need help getting going.

Your consultant should…

  • answer your calls or messages in a timely manner
  • be an expert on their products and the company
  • keep you up-to-date on sales, promotions and new products
  • be willing to work with you individually to assess and address your needs
  • be committed to educating her customers
If she mentions that she’s working toward a promotion or a big goal, you know she’s going to take good care of you.

3. A consultant who’s “out there.”

She doesn’t have to be Miss Popularity or investing large amounts of money into marketing but she should…

  • have an updated website
  • use at least some social media
  • promote her business regularly
  • be known as a networker and a value-adder
  • be involved in the community
  • give back with her time and resources

This means she’s a mover and a shaker and “gets it” which, again, means she’s highly invested and will make an excellent consultant.

I love supporting my direct sales sisters!

What would you add to this list?

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If you are in direct sales (especially if you are new) and need help with your image or your messaging, work with me.

What to look for in a direct sales consultant. TABITHADUMAS.COM

What to look for in a direct sales consultant. TABITHADUMAS.COM


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