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Live a tea lifestyle

What’s not to love about a hot cup of tea? The act of preparing a pot of tea is enough to relax me before I ever take a sip. Here’s what it means to

live a tea lifestyle.

I know what it means to be too busy, stretched too thin and feeling like I’m drowning. For me, it led to burnout and anxiety. It took me years to recover and I still have to be intentional about how I invest my time and talents so I don’t give too much away.

Here’s the lesson…

Living a tea lifestyle. tabithadumas.com

Tea is not for busy people.

Whether you prepare a pot of tea for your own serving and whether you use your favorite old mug or a delicate cup and saucer…boiling the water, choosing the tea, steeping it, adding your sugar or milk and taking time to enjoy your concoction is comforting and relaxing.

The sound of the cup clinking against the saucer then the spoon gently tapping the sides of the cup when I stir makes me breathe a little deeper and feel a little lighter.

Live a tea lifestyle! Set up a tea station and more tips from TabithaDumas.com
A pretty tea set in my family room.

When I have tea with a friend, we seem to open up more, smile more and spend extra time together.

How to live a tea lifestyle…

1. Keep tea paraphernalia on hand.

The basics include

  • a mug or cup and saucer
  • tea (loose or bagged)
  • a strainer if you’re using loose tea
  • a tea pot to make more than one serving
  • a tea kettle (mine is electric)
  • spoons
  • sugar and any other additions

Keeping all of your supplies on a tray is helpful if you want to live a tea lifestyle. During most of the year, I have a tea station in my family room. People love to choose their tea and enjoy a cup with me!

Live a tea lifestyle: my tea station from TabithaDumas.com
Tea station with a selection of teas, sugar, honey, creamer and a place to rest your spoon.

2. Be willing to sit down to a cup of tea at a moment’s notice.

If a friend needs a listening ear, serve tea. If your spouse had a rough day, serve tea. If you need an afternoon pick-me-up, serve teaeven if it’s just for you.

Live a tea lifestyle from TabithaDumas.com. Sleepy time tea and a cookie before bed.
Tea and a shortbread cookie in my office.

Consider having cookies or crackers available to serve with your tea. I keep individually wrapped shortbread cookies on hand.

3. Be present while drinking tea.

Tea cannot be rushed. Savoring the warmth, breathing in the aroma and sipping the tea should remind us to be fully in the moment. After all, if you’re distracted, you could burn yourself.

Live a tea lifestyle! Enjoy a pot of tea alone or with a friend. from TabithaDumas.com
Tea for one at Liberty Market, downtown Gilbert, Arizona.

And perhaps most importantly…

4. Refuse to be so busy that you don’t have time for tea.

My motto is

Live a tea lifestyle! Enjoy tea with a friend. from TabithaDumas.com
Taking time to enjoy a cup of tea in a friend’s back yard.

If you think you’re too busy for tea, embracing tea as a part of your lifestyle could be just what you need to step out of the rat race and take a moment for yourself.

Tea could change your life.

Tea is an important part of my life and if I ever find myself thinking I am too busy to be bothered with enjoying a cup of tea, I know it’s time to reassess my priorities.

If you're too bust for tea, you're too busy. Live a tea lifestyle! from TabithaDumas.com
Relaxing with a cup of tea and a book in my favorite chair.

It’s being willing to slow down and enjoy a moment of respite. Who couldn’t use more of that in their life? 

In fact, MY CHALLENGE for you is to invite someone to have tea with you, even if it’s at a cafe somewhere. See the power of a shared cup of tea for yourself. I bet you’ll become a believer.

For more ideas, you’ll love my “It’s always tea time somewhere!” Pinterest board:
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Please pin…or share with someone who might need to live a tea lifestyle!

Slow down, enjoy the moment and never be too busy for tea. Live a tea lifestyle! from TabithaDumas.com

My goal is no longer to get more done but rather to have less to do." -Francine Jay Tabitha Dumas live a tea lifestyle

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