Let’s collaborate!

November 3, 2018

Written By

Tabitha Dumas

When I say Let’s Collaborate, I’m talking to YOU. I consider myself an excellent connector and it’s an honor to make introductions, whether, “Hey, you need to shop here” or “You two need to become power partners.” One of my favorite things to do is help women think creatively about maximizing their connections. So….

Let’s collaborate

Let's collaborate! Tabitha Dumas iheartchandlergilbert

Nowadays I’m primarily interested in collaborating with the women I know and rub elbows with in real life.

I’ve never been one to try to reach the masses…I like to help the women I live, shop, work, serve and play with! In fact, I started building my network on the east side of the Phoenix valley about seven years ago as I worked through dozens of iterations of my business and blog. I’ve hosted events, taught classes and mentored hundreds of women, often for little or no money. I really don’t even have that much to sell and that’s been OK with me because I don’t really like selling, I like connecting and collaborating.

In all these years I’ve fine-tuned my services and offerings and I’m starting to own my expertise. With a busy household and a toddler, I have to be strategic with my time and what I commit to.

I’m as passionate as ever about empowering women to elevate their image and expand their influence so they can live a purposeful yet simple life.

It happens that I’m also in a time of life when I’m helping my Realtor husband and paint contractor dad with their businesses because when they grow, we all win. My husband and my dad have a lot more to offer than Realtor and Paint Contractor. All three of us (and my mom) love helping people.

They say “when you help others get what they want, you get what you want.” I believe that and I’ve lived it! My biggest wins and best projects have been collaborations! Collaboration is saying, “How can I help you?” and while I love helping, I am bad, bad, bad at asking for help.

To collaborate, I have to help you get what you want and I have to ask for what I want. Gulp. 

The truth is, the help I need is to help my husband and my dad build their networks and grow their businesses. We’d love to see how real estate might fit into your financial plan. We’d adore the chance to paint your house. We’d also be thrilled to explore the myriad of other ways we could help you.

I’d also love to offer you my expertise and access to my networks of phenomenal professionals. If I can’t help you life up to your potential, I guarantee you I know someone who can!

Will every client of mine be required to buy or sell real estate through my husband? No. Am I going to ask everyone I talk to, “Do you need any painting done in your house??” No. But do I need to get better at asking people if they need real estate or painting?? YES! Am I open to really fun and creative collaborations with people who are open to learning how to be our best referral, and we return the favor? YES!

So this is me asking for help. I tell my ladies to stop playing small and I need to practice what I preach.

We’re working on what 2019 will look like for us. We know YOU are the key because there’s a good chance you need me, or Drew or my dad…or one of our many recommended cohorts.

We’d love to help you with whatever you need and then when the time comes, maybe you’ll use us or refer us for real estate, home painting or business coaching.

We’re also looking for specific power partners where you refer real estate to us and we use you and/or your services as a “thank you” for closed deals. For example, if a photographer gave us a referral, we’d thank them by gifting a photo session and portrait to the clients. A win-win-win! We want to be your go-tos.

I’m working on a sort of “intake process” in order to assess and address your needs–let me know if we can practice on you! We’re also thinking of offering training on what it looks like to network, refer, become power partners and all the other things it takes to grow. We don’t want to be sales-y or slimy and I don’t want my business to become fully automated or to have a complicated sales funnel–I just want to get my ladies the connections and resources they need to elevate their image and expand their influence.

Let’s keep it simple and just say, “How can I help you?” preferably over our kitchen table or at our favorite coffee shops. 

Get in touch with me if you’re intrigued. Let’s collaborate!

We’re excited to get started.


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