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A lesson in scale and proportion

Scale and proportion are so important if you want to look

  • polished
  • put-together
  • proportionate

As a follow up to last week’s post on …, here is

A lesson in scale and proportion.

Your print size needs to suit your frame.

A tiny print on a larger woman makes her look larger. A large print on a small woman? Yup, it makes her look smaller. 

While the print on the right is pretty…it overpowers her. All you notice is…HER PRINT. We want to notice her. 

Scale of your prints to your frame. SMALL. by tabithadumas.com
Small scale prints for petite ladies

The same applies to curvy or plus-size ladies. Go for larger prints to look more proportionate. The dress on the right is adorable but the print is so tiny, it makes her look bigger.

Scale of your prints to your frame. LARGE. by tabithadumas.com


There’s another concept to talk about…your accessories.

The bigger the woman, the bigger her accessories can be!

I know clutches are cute but they can definitely throw off the proportion of an outfit.

Scale of your prints to your frame. SMALL. by tabithadumas.com
This lovely Rock Star needs a big bag!

The same is true for our petite ladies. I know over-sized totes are trendy but they can make you look like a little girl playing dress-up! 

Your accessories need to be the right scale for your size. tabithadumas.com
Small purse for this Glamour Girl

This work for accessories, too. See how their jewelry and bags complement their frame size? 

Scale and proportion done right! Tabithadumas.com


These photos are (not great quality) from a Style Party I held recently. You can book me for YOUR Style Party right here!

This demonstration always elicits oos and ahs.

My medium-size friend in the middle is just fine in both but LOOK at the difference for the other two! In the top photo, I handed my petite friend a BIG bag and my curvy friend a teeny bag…then in the bottom photo they switched. Sooooo much better, right??

Scale and proportion done right! Tabithadumas.com
Make sure your purse complements your frame!

Most ladies can carry a medium-size bag, of course. If you’re a larger gal, try a BIG bag and if you’re on the smaller side, go for a more petite purse.

This is probably my most-talked-about photo from this year…my new purse. My mom snapped this photo as I left life group but it got over 1,000 views on Facebook and over a dozen comments. Why? I believe it’s because it’s the perfect size for me! It helps that the colors and pattern are also very “me.” I’m thin but tall so I need a medium-size bag. When I was several dress sizes larger, I could definitely pull off a bigger bag!

Scale and proportion done right! Tabithadumas.com
My ideal size purse!

Experiment and have fun with scale and proportion! Have someone take pictures of you wearing different prints, bags and accessories–seeing it in pictures is often more effective than looking in the mirror.

I hope you enjoyed this lesson on scale and proportion!

What are your challenges? What are you doing right?

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