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Lesson in letting go: when the editor gets edited Cohorts

It was a strange day yesterday.

I heard back from my newest client after our first editing experience (she nervously sent me her first blog post, I nervously edited it and sent it back for approval) and, PHEW! Hers was really good, AND she liked the changes I made! Hooray!

Then I wrote and submitted my first blog post for and was told by our project manager, “Send it to (our content specialist) for editing.”

My first reaction was, “Me?! The writer of a million blog posts, a paid editor…being edited?!” and for a split second, I was a little flustered.

I publish and/or submit dozens of pieces of writing every month and no one EVER edits me (save my husband, who checks for theological correctness before I submit devotions I write for our church).

Insult turned to relief as I realized that rather than feeling threatened, I should be happy to finally have someone double-checking my work. She’s a really talented editor, too–I am honored to have her as a my second pair of eyes!

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It’s a lesson, I think, in humility and in giving up control.

I can actually sleep a little easier at night knowing that someone is looking out for me and the words I gift to the world. I hope my new client feels the same way.

In the coming year, can you be humble enough to let people help you–even in your area of expertise? Is there some control you need to give up in order to keep growing? 

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