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Tab’s Tips to launch your new direct sales business

Direct sales is near and dear to my heart because owning a direct sales business allows so many women to earn money, give back and have an outlet for their creativity. I am passionate about helping women in direct sales elevate their image and expand their influence so I’m excited to share with you

Tab’s Tips to launch your new direct sales business.

{adapted from my original post on my Fantabulous Women blog, May, 16 2013}

I have loved the direct sales industry since attending Tupperware, Weekenders and Mary Kay home parties with my mom back in the 1980s.

I loved eating the snacks, seeing the products, hearing the consultant’s presentation, playing the games and helping my mom fill out her order form.

I was mesmerized by the consultants at those parties and said “I want to be like her when I grow up.” So I did. 

Tips to launch your new direct sales business from TabithaDumas.com

I have always been involved in at least one direct sales company for over ten years now and have hosted countless home parties for my friends and family.

I believe in the power of women owning their own direct sales business. 

I want to help you succeed! So here are

Tab’s Ten Tips for New Direct Sales Consultants

1. Determine your target customer.

At one of my first meetings as a Mary Kay consultant I gave a commercial at a networking meeting and said, “A good lead for me is any woman with a face.” Now I often hear, “…anyone with skin.”

That was also the last time I left my target client undefined.

Here’s the thing. You want your listener to think of a specific person to refer to you. Hopefully them, of course. 

Even “A busy woman without much time to think about her makeup” or “A professional woman who needs a simple and effective skin care routine” would have been a much better start.

It is critical to KNOW your target customer. It seems counter-intuitive because “Doesn’t being specific mean that you’re ruling people out?” YES!

But it’s much easier for people to give you referrals when you’re more specific about who you work best with.

Who is she? What is her age group? What phase of life is she in? What are her hobbies and interests? Where does she hang out? What does she value? What are her spending habits?

While you can’t always sell to your target customer exclusively, knowing who she is will help you narrow your focus and became an expert at finding her and servicing her needs.

Tab's Tip #1 for launching your new direct sales business: know your ideal client

2. Use your catalogs.

Keep one catalog for yourself to make notes on product information and questions people ask. You can also use it to track inventory.

Give out catalogs freely. Treat them like business cards!

You can even provide people with sticky notes so they can mark the items they want to buy. Tell them “If there are more than five, you should host a party!”

Ask a few friends and family members to mark their favorite items to give you an idea of what will be popular so you can educate yourself on those first.

CROSS PROMOTE! Ask a friend who is also in direct sales if she would give out your catalogs when she delivers orders to her customers–and do the same for her. That’s great cross-promotion!

3. Host a launch party.

Allow people to hear your story (see #4 below) and experience your products.

It’s smart to make yourself the hostess so you can reap the hostess rewards to build your collection of samples or inventory.

Extend personal invitations, whether over the phone or in person.

Emails, Facebook event requests and e-vites don’t mean as much as hearing your voice does.

Offer incentives to them when they bring a friend.

Keep the food and drinks simple so the focus stays on the products you’re selling.

BONUS TIP! Serve food and drinks first so they don’t think about the food during the entire presentation! No one can focus on your products if they’re drooling over the smell of brownies.

Have door prizes and multiple ways to earn entries.

People love winning prizes, even if they just cost you $1.

4. Always tell your story about WHY you chose the company you are with and what your goals are.

People will connect to your story and want to help you accomplish your goals. It could also help you attract a new team member! Make sure to mention how your company gives back to the community or what they donate to important causes.

BONUS TIP! I’ve been noticing that more and more, ladies aren’t as interested in helping YOU meet your goal or earn your trip as they are in “What’s in it for ME?” Make sure to highlight how your products make their lives easier, as well as any customer specials or bonuses.

5. Showcase YOUR favorite products.

People will love what you love! Plus you’ll know all about them and can answer questions people have about them.

6. Remember that YOU are your best advertisement!

Wear your company logo shirts and your name tag.

Use or wear your products as much as possible or carry a bag with clear pockets so you can insert pictures of your products. Be prepared to give your “elevator pitch” when people inquire! (P.S. If you need help with your “elevator pitch,” contact me for a consultation!)

Give your products as gifts as often as possible.

Hand out plenty of samples or allow people to “borrow” products before buying.

Tab's Tip #6 to launch your new direct sales business- you are your best advertisement

7. Find “power partners” with compatible businesses (or people who work with or for your target customer).

These are people who will refer new customers to you and vice versa. This is how you build your customer base beyond your warm market.

8. Embrace the power of social media…but establish boundaries.

Social media is important for communicating with people, offering promotions and keeping your business “top of mind” for your customers…but don’t let it take over your life.

Set time limits on your social media activity and eliminate lengthy back-and-forth exchanges with a phone call.

BONUS TIP! Spend the majority of your social media time on the platforms where your target customer hangs out (refer to #1).

9. Keep it FUN!

Don’t get so caught up in SELLING that for lose your sense of fun in the process. People are drawn to YOU first, THEN to your products. Remember…

People hate to be sold but they love to buy!

10. Lastly, be tenacious and keep at it.

Direct sales consultants are notorious for giving up within the first year, just about the time that business would have really picked up if they had just stuck to it. It takes time for people to be sold on what you do and for you to build your business.

Outlast the competition! Remember why you got started in the first place and never lose your passion.

I hope you utilize these tips to launch your new direct sales business.

There is plenty of business for you out there–you just have to go get it!

Tab's Tip #10 to launch your new direct sales business- be tenacious and outlast the competition

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Really practical tips here! Check it out! Tab's Tips to launch your new direct sales business. From Tabitha Dumas, Image and Influence Strategist

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