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Ladies! Let’s redefine “doing it all”

You hear it all the time: No one can do it all. But this looks different for everyone so

let’s redefine “doing it all.”

This is one of the principles that guides my life:

No woman can -do it all.- Celebrate what you're good at and get help when you need it. Let's redefine -doing it all- by Tabithadumas.com

The woman who does it all is a myth. Here’s why.

Think of a woman you know who seems to have it all together.

You admire her ability to juggle all of her responsibilities and still seem polished and calm. You wish you could get your act together like her. You might even be a little bit jealous of her gifts, her financial means or her season of life.

Now. Really think about her. How does she spend her days? What is she doing that gains your admiration? What does she look like? How does she act?

Here’s the problem–and the solution.

That woman who’s “doing it all” in your imagination? She’s different for every woman.

You might admire the woman who has five kids, still looks cute all the time and bakes homemade goodies for the church bake sale. Your best friend might admire the retiree who volunteers her time within the community and also helps raise her grandkids. Someone else admires the working mom who somehow still finds time to help out at her kids’ school and run a nonprofit.

Guess what? Someone out there thinks YOU are the woman who is “doing it all.” That’s right–YOU. Because to her, you’re doing the things that matter and that she wishes SHE could be doing.

This is great news! Why?

Because it means that “doing it all” is like beauty–it’s in the eye of the beholder.

There is no one way to “do it all.” Some may say you’re doing it all while you may think you’re nowhere close.

You get to decide what it means to “do it all.”

You get to define what matters to you.

You get to determine what to NOT do in order to pursue the things that matter most.

Newsflash: every woman is giving up some things to do what she wants to do.

It may be being able to afford a vacation, homeschooling or just bathing regularly.

Some people might call you busy, scattered or even crazy. And some will look at you and say, “Wow, I don’t know how she does it.” 

People often say to me, -I don't know how you do it all.- That's because they only see what I'm doing and not what I'm giving up.- Let's redefine -doing it all- with tabithadumas.com

The only thing that matters is that YOU are doing what matters to YOU.

But please…

The working mom may or may not be missing out on time with her kids. You don’t know.

That stay-at-home-mom could be drinking in the closet or ignoring her kids while she watches Netflix all day. You don’t know.

One challenge for you:

That woman you admire? Talk to her. Pick her brain. Find out what she really does with her time. She may not have it all together as much as you thought. And you’ll really enjoy discovering what she doesn’t do in order to do what matters to her. Trust me, it’ll make you feel better. And it might help you redefine “doing it all” in your own life.

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Let's redefine "doing it all." It's like beauty--it's in the eye of the beholder. by Tabithadumas.com

Let's define "doing it all." It's in the eye of the beholder! Read more on tabithadumas.com

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2 thoughts on “Ladies! Let’s redefine “doing it all”

  1. I can so identify with all you said here and the big key to all of this is not to COMPARE yourself to anyone, any friends, or relatives. YOU will always lose in the comparison. We need to “see” ourselves as the unique creation as sons and daughters of GOD. When you do, you will know that your way is not the way or path everyone else takes. We should be encouraging and embracing others and their walks. Let’s take joy in their journey as well……..we need to let go of envy too………when it takes hold of us, it becomes the only thing we can think of!

    So I celebrate YOU Tabitha…….in some ways we are very much alike and in others different. But I love you and celebrate YOU for who you are in GOD’S eyes and so blessed you are in my life now. Thanks for being YOU!

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