Treat yourself like a kid again

November 11, 2017

Written By

Tabitha Dumas

I often take myself too seriously, do you? Adulting IS hard and sometimes it feels good to just let loose! As grown-ups, we can do what we want when we want…so

treat yourself like a kid again!

I remember when I was battling anxiety, our family was in the pool one afternoon and my mom threw a water bomb intended at someone else but she missed her target and it hit me in the gut and I doubled over laughing. It was awkward because it was the first time I’d laughed in way too long and my mom hollered from the shallow end, “It’s OK to laugh!” If we’re not careful, it’s so easy to live with our shoulders up to our ears. It’s important to blow off steam sometimes and kids are brilliant at that.

Here are some ideas to get your juices flowing!

Go on a nature walk and collect treasures along the way. Consider laying a blanket down and staring at the sky for a bit, too.

Make a bunch of your favorite snacks into a meal. Drink chocolate milk or a soda with it (whatever kid-version you would have wanted).

Be crafty. Color. Build something out of craft sticks. If you remember how to crochet, make a tiny scarf for a stuffed animal. Whatever you make…display is proudly!!

Write a letter to a pen pal. Use cute stationary and put stickers all over the envelope.

Paint your nails a fun color and add decals. Or use white nail polish to add polka dots!

Treat yourself to fro yo or ice cream. Go nuts with the toppings. Eat it outside.

Wear a twirly skirt, knee socks, or hair bows (but maybe not all at the same time).

Visit the zoo, an aquarium or a kid-friendly museum.

Host a party with all the elements of a kids’ party, from party hats and poppers to games and prizes.

Make yourself a bubble bath with WAY too many bubbles. Try watermelon or bubble gum scents or a really fizzy and colorful bath bomb. Speaking of which…

Blow bubbles. With gum or with actual bubbles. Both are pure silliness!

Read something fun before bed! One with lots of pictures is ideal. Then…

Put yourself to bed early…and sleep in!

The main thing is to do whatever makes you feel lighter, happier and and more carefree. What does that look like for you?


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