JOMO: The Joy Of Missing Out

September 6, 2020

Written By

Tabitha Dumas

Having completed the Blog Smarter mentorship and being eager to embrace the next phase of my business, I’ve been grappling with where to go next. With so many ways to invest our time, energy, money and talent, the “fear of missing out” can be crippling. Especially when people in your industry are outpacing you, or launching things you have thought about doing. I feel it frequently. I often have to remind myself, I am usually the only woman in the room who 1. is in my 40s 2. has three kids at home 3. has a self-employed husband 4. homeschools 5. has several volunteer gigs going.  Yes, I love helping people and being “out there”. Yes, I do a lot. But it can feel like it’s never enough.

Here’s what I posted on my personal Facebook page. I am happy to put aside any hustling or striving for now. I’m growing slow.

“I mentioned a few days ago about feeling a shift and hinted at some changes coming. Not to be anti-climactic but the NEWS is basically…there is no news. My business is about as busy as I can handle and seems to be humming along. Mothering three kids, running a home, a volunteer gig or two and helping a self-employed hubby is all I can handle right now and maintain my sanity.

I’ll be streamlining a few things and may offer a “wardrobe spruce up for fall” or something but I am resisting the urge to add programs or services, another ‘dot com,’ starting a networking group, etc. etc. and instead will focus on my current people and projects. Which will free me up to work on my book!

This has been a wonderful year for us and we’re soon entering our busiest part of the year and I want to be fully present and engaged. I had about a day of feeling a little bit disappointed and deflated but the ‘joy of missing out’ has taken its place. Sometimes ‘letting go’ is about embracing your current season and trusting that when it’s time to add and build, you’ll know.”

What about you? Are you in a season of growth or a season of slow? 


it's ok to grow slow! The joy of missing out by tabitha dumas


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