5 steps to jazz up your wardrobe

April 1, 2017

Written By

Tabitha Dumas

If you’re not sure you need to jazz up your wardrobe, take the quiz: Jazz up or simplify your wardrobe?

When you need to jazz up your wardrobe

One of the reasons I became an image consultant was because I kept meeting women who needed to elevate their image but didn’t know where to start.

I work primarily with two types:

  1. Ladies who are in transition. They are going from the corporate world to being self-employed, they are recently married or recently single, they gained or lost weight, they just started making more or less money.
  2. Fashion-savvy ladies who are overwhelmed or frustrated with their wardrobes. They love color, accessorizing and shopping but they need guidance and hands-on help.

Some of these ladies need to simplify their wardrobes. I wrote about that here.

But most of my ladies say, “I need to elevate my image!” to which I reply, “You need to jazz up your wardrobe!”

They need…

  • statement pieces (a signature coat, an attention-grabbing necklace, a show-stopping ring)
  • a few fabulous bags
  • clothing in their best colors
  • unique but practical shoes
  • a closet full of delightful options that they love to wear
  • clothes that make them feel good, regardless of their current size
  • a wardrobe that helps them express their style (free quiz here)
  • fun jewelry, belts and scarves that work for their coloring and their body type

These ladies also need permission to command attention and I’m giving them permission!

5 Steps to Jazz Up Your Wardrobe

No. 1: Start with your Signature Color.

You’ll also discover your Dominant Color Category, which dictates your best neutrals and your “pop” colors. Discover yours here.

Having a Signature Color helps you shop on purpose and feel more confident in your clothes. Why? Because from it, you…

No. 2: Determine a color palette.

If you didn’t Discover Your Signature Color, you can explore your Dominant Color Category here. All the info you need about your colors is on the Pinterest boards for each category here. My palette as a Deep is teal and royal blue with hints of coral and magenta + denim, white and black as my neutrals.

“Wait…isn’t jazzing up my wardrobe all about giving me MORE options??”

When your wardrobe has a limited color palette, you save so much time and energy. Your pieces mix and match more easily and all your shoes and accessories coordinate. Limiting my color palette has truly been life changing. Shopping and getting dressed are easier and more FUN.

No. 3: Build your jewelry wardrobe.

Which woman are you? 

  • Your wardrobe is mostly neutral so you need colorful and exciting accessories OR
  • Your wardrobe is colorful and exciting so you need neutral accessories

Neutral with colorful accessories (her Signature Color could be turquoise or coral)

Colorful with neutral accessories she could wear with virtually any outfit.

There is a third category…my category…I know many of you fall into. WE LOVE COLOR!

We want some neutral basics and some neutral accessories but we really just want a lot of COLOR options for our outfits. If that’s you, get the sandals with the turquoise beads, the multi-colored tassel necklace or the ethnic beaded earrings–as long as they coordinate with the pieces in your wardrobe. As long as your entire outfit isn’t pattern and color, you’ll be fine. Wearing a white tee shirt, jeans or brown shoes with your more colorful pieces will keep your outfit in balance.

No. 4: Build your accessories wardrobe.

When I say accessorizing I mean scarves, belts, shoes, bags, headbands, etc. All the add-ons to your clothes.

If you’re not familiar with my favorite 16 Point Accessory Rule (one of my most popular presentation topics), get the FREE PDF along with a slew of additional tips, photos and ideas here: jewelry accessorizing tips

Once you have your jewelry working for you, add a coral handbag, red sneakers or a funky beaded necklace–whatever will accentuate your outfit, express your personality and make you feel amazing.

Or get some basic silver or gold pieces that go with everything. Then you can get creative with scarves, unique jackets and fun hair accessories.

If you start putting outfits together and realize you don’t have accessories to go with them, start a shopping list.

A few tips for jazzing up your wardrobe:
  • Shop secondhand jewelry to get more for your money. You can always invest in more high-quality pieces once you know what you love.
  • Secondhand stores often have really interesting scarves, shoes, belts and jackets (including vintage and designer labels). It’s a great way to experiment with your look without investing a lot of money.
  • Scarves can jazz up any outfit, can be tied many ways and can also be worn as a belt, a headband or tied to your purse.
  • One chic white blazer or red silk bomber jacket could invigorate your entire wardrobe.

No. 5: Show off your style and personality.

My flamingo necklace always garners compliments and gives me a chance to tell people I was born and raised in Florida, which inevitably leads to a longer conversation.

What pieces could help tell your story or even become your signature?

I am known for wearing scarves. I’d much rather invest in scarves and keep my bags and shoes mostly neutral.

Maybe you love unique shoes or fun jackets. Perhaps your have a collection of pins. Embrace it!

I’m also a fan of statement earrings especially because they keep the attention near your face.

Your wardrobe should tell people more about who you are and should invite them into your conversation. Make it count!

Do you need to jazz up your wardrobe?

Five steps to jazz up your wardrobe. -tabithad.sg-host.com

QUIZ! Should you jazz up or simplify your wardrobe- -tabithad.sg-host.com


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