Quiz! Should you jazz up OR simplify your wardrobe?

January 30, 2017

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Tabitha Dumas

You’ll hear conflicting advice out there when it comes to your closet and wardrobe.

Jazz up or simplify your wardrobe

Jazz up your wardrobe! Add more options! Buy more prints and colors! Add lots of interest pieces and unique accessories! Start really thinking about what you wear!


Simplify your wardrobe! Take out all the guess work! Stick to a color palette! Invest in basics so you can get dressed without thinking about what you’re wearing!


QUIZ! Should you jazz up or simplify your wardrobe- -tabithad.sg-host.com

I work primarily with two types of women:

Type 1: women who want to have a lot of choices in their closets, love putting outfits together with funky accessories and unique prints and collect items like shoes, purses and jewelry. They usually love to shop.

Type 2: women who crave simplicity, who like limited options, who dress because they can’t go around naked and who want a “fix and forget it” wardrobe. They typically do not enjoy shopping for clothes.

It’s interesting that there are creative women in both categories.

Some creative women enjoy the creative process of getting dressed. Others have some much creativity in their lives that they want their wardrobe to be a no brainer so they can focus their creative energy elsewhere.

So which one are you?


When I look in my closet, I want to see…

A: an array of colors, patterns and styles with plenty of unique accent pieces like vests and kimonos to complement my outfits

B: a cohesive color palette and simple basics

My ideal wardrobe would be…

A: a variety of pieces that help me put together unique looks

B: a limited mix and match wardrobe where everything coordinates

I crave a wardrobe that…

A: allows me to express my creativity

B: frees me up to focus on other aspects of my life

When it comes to shopping, I…

A: love treasure hunting and looking for statement pieces and quirky accessories

B: shop with a list and buy what I need

My wish is for a wardrobe that…

A: takes up a whole room that I can play in

B: someone curates and organizes for me

I would describe my style as…

A: funky, quirky, colorful and/or creative

B: simple, pretty, classic and/or basic

When it comes to accessories, I like…

A: conversations pieces, color, texture, shine and bling and a variety of shoes and bags

B: simple basics and a few interesting scarves or shoes

When I get dressed, I usually…

A: wait until the morning, dress for my mood and twirl in front of the mirror

B: grab what I know works, add a little jewelry and think “That’ll do” when I look in the mirror

When I see fashionable women, I think…

A: I can copy that!

B: that must’ve been a lot of work

My shopping goal is…

A: to keep adding to my wardrobe as I grow and evolve as a woman

B: to purge from my closet and only buy what I need as I fine-tune my style

Tally up your answers! 

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The next step

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QUIZ! Should you jazz up or simplify your wardrobe- -tabithad.sg-host.com


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