Introducing…The Slip

February 22, 2017

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Tabitha Dumas

I posted a PSA about wearing a slip underneath your maxi skirts today and it occurred to me that ladies under the age of 40 or so might not know what a slip is! So I thought I better introduce you to…

The Slip

I grew up in a conservative home in northern Florida and my dad (who was also my pastor) regularly inspected my outfits. My mother was also an excellent role model. From a very early age, I embraced dressing modestly and keeping one’s “business” under wraps. No visible bra straps, no short hem lines, no exposed cleavage…and you wore a slip under your skirts and dresses.

I’m 39 now and have not wavered from the above rules.

I own several slips: one mid-calf, one to the knee and one mid-thigh.

Thankfully many skirts today are made out of thicker fabric or come lined so it’s not as prevalent an issue.

Then maxi skirts happened.

They are, by all accounts, incredibly cool and comfortable, especially for moms on the go.

But necessarily because they are cool and comfortable means many of them are also rather translucent.

Introducing...The Slip. Here's what a slip is and why you need one.

That means when you’re standing in or near the sun or a bright light wearing a thin skirt, there is little left to the imagination.

Exhibit A is iconic and Prince Charles is said to have been embarrassed when it hit the press.

introducing...The Slip. Here's hat a slip is and why you need one.

Jennifer Anniston was spotted committing the same fashion faux pas.

introducing...The Slip. Here's hat a slip is and why you need one.


Unless you’re by the pool, this isn’t a great look.

A slip isn’t just about modesty, though. They also give your dress or skirt a smoother appearance. I often wear a slip instead of Spanx. 

The Slip 101

Traditional slips were worn under dresses and provided full coverage. This might be what you think of when you hear “slip.” Yes, THESE types of slips are pretty outdated.

“Half slips” are what I recommend to most of my ladies. 

They come come in several different lengths but an above-the-knee length (18″) is probably the most practical. You can wear it under a knee-length skirt or a long skirt.

If you wear a lot of shorter, sheer dresses, a mid-thigh slip is best.

Nude is the best color choice but white or black are also popular.

You can also do microfiber.

Slips are available in the lingerie department of virtually any store and are also available much cheaper at Goodwill. The style hasn’t changed much over the years.

I hope you’ll add a slip to your wardrobe, I think you’ll like it! 

Introducing...The Slip. Here's what a slip is and why you need one.


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