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Introducing…Natalie Attired! (smart style…delivered)

Have you ever wished that the outfits you pin on Pinterest could just magically appear on your doorstep?? Enter…

Natalie Attired!

I’ve been tempted many times over the years to participate in one of these services where boxes of clothing items are sent to your home but I had a few hang-ups about it…until now.

Here were my hesitations.

1. I love to shop!

So many women who do use a “wardrobe pieces delivered to your door” service DON’T LIKE to shop. {gasp!} I enjoy shopping, and building my wardrobe piece by piece. I’m a little hard to fit, with being 5’9″ and having carried two babies to 41 weeks. Yeesh.

2. I don’t trust other people to choose my clothes.

I almost never shop with anyone and if I do, it’s my mom. We’ve shopped together all my life so we have it down to a science. I have also learned over the years that people will try to dress you in what THEY like! I see it all the time–people compliment me on what I’m wearing when it’s a style THEY like, not because it necessarily looks good on ME.

3. What I need is pretty darn specific.

I’ve been perfecting my capsule wardrobe and I’m trying to minimize my options and fine tune my style. I know what pieces I need. I don’t just want a bunch of random tops or dresses to stick in my closet.

Read more about my capsule wardrobe by clicking on Starting your capsule wardrobe and Summer update to my capsule wardrobe.

In looking at my “My Style Explored” Pinterest board, I noticed a trend: skinny pants and flowy tops. I’m considering making that my uniform! So I’m not really open to suggestions, nor do I need any more dresses, skirts or jewelry.

4. I know what I like and what I look good in.

It’s got to be comfortable, suited for Arizona weather, modest, chic and feminine. It also has to suit my DEEP Dominant Color Category coloring. 

Here’s the scoop on Natalie Attired…and what has sold me on their system!

Related to the above…

1. Like having my own go-to editor even though I’ve been editing professionally for years…having someone pull clothes for me is a a treat! I’ve never had a personal stylist before so opening the box was downright luxurious!

The black blazer was so flattering and unique–I honestly couldn’t have found a better one for my style or my figure. That’s amazing!

I shared my “To buy” Pinterest board with the team to guide them.

This is one of the outfits from that board and what they sent was pretty darn close! So cool! 

Introducing...Natalie Attired- -Smart style...delivered- on tabithadumas.com
From Chico’s.

2. My box was prepared by a professionally trained stylist who knew what pieces I am in need of as well as my Dominant Color Category, measurements and lifestyle particulars. It wasn’t random or biased–it was strategic and intentional, and tailored to ME.

3. I asked for flowy tops (light weight and preferably sleeveless), skinny pants and a jacket. They delivered! 

The best part is that all the pieces GO TOGETHER. Every shipment is five pieces that all mix and match.

It’s a mini capsule wardrobe!

4. Every piece was a perfect fit and suited my style and my DEEP coloring. I was truly impressed!

“It’s like having a personal stylist who knows what works for your body type, your coloring and your lifestyle.”

Here are other benefits:

  • You get to decide when and how often to receive shipments–no minimums or long-term commitments. Get a monthly shipment or request a shipment every quarter–your choice!
  • You get to “try before you buy” in the comfort of your own home. No more dressing room drama!
  • Easy returns–no shipping fees for shipping or returns and you are provided with a pre-paid envelope should you need to return any items
  • Your $20 styling fee is applied to what you keep (in other words, you only pay it if you send everything back)
  • When you buy everything, you get a 20% discount!
  • Once you decide what to keep, you can check out easily online

Plus a HUGE benefit for me is that my dear friend and mentor Shari Braendel is behind it…and she’s phenomenal, as are the other women involved. Check out Shari on FashionMeetsFaith.com and learn more about the entire Natalie Attired team by clicking here.

Introducing...Natalie Attired! -Smart style...delivered.- Check out my first box!! On Tabithadumas.com
That’s Shari on the far right.

Watch me open my first box!

Here’s what I got!

Black blazer, black ponte pants (both Kika Paprika and organic cotton, perfect fit on both and so comfortable–which I requested!), leopard and gray top (sheer and long in back, VERY soft material for the front and sleeves, light weight). This top is unique, chic and feels like pajamas! I’d see wearing it for a speaking or teaching gig.

Introducing...Natalie Attired- -Smart style...delivered- on tabithadumas.com

Black and white check sleeveless top with contrasting print on the trim and the back. The perfect weight and fit! It would be so cute with white pants or shorts!

Introducing...Natalie Attired- -Smart style...delivered- on tabithadumas.com

Lace top with beautiful details. So soft! Sort of “boho chic.” I actually like it even more under the jacket!

Introducing...Natalie Attired- -Smart style...delivered- on tabithadumas.com

I was very impressed with my initial experience!


I ended up keeping all five pieces! I’ve been living in the black pants and I’ve been working on mixing the other pieces into my wardrobe. I’ll be requesting white skinny pants, a white blouse and a basic black dress in my next box.

Learn more!

Visit NatalieAttired.com here to sign up for updates. I’ll providing a referral code as soon as it becomes available AND I’ll be offering FREE styling help when you purchase a box!

Introducing...Natalie Attired! -Smart style...delivered.- Check out my first box!! On Tabithadumas.com
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    1. That outfit was just a pin I had admired and sent them to help guide what they chose for me, I didn’t actually receive it. I did post pictures of all the outfits I got, though!!

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