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Introducing KC Inspire

If you’re a female entrepreneur or go-getter in the east valley, there’s someone I need you to meet.

Introducing KC Inspire

Y’know how you have a dream in your heart and you put it on your dream board and write ideas down every so often and tell a few people and you just can’t let it go? And time goes by and life happens (like bills and babies) and it still nags at you until one day it presents itself in a form a bit different than you envisioned and instead of questioning it or dismissing it, you go with it? This is that for me. 

I met Karen Carrasco of KC Photography several years ago and it didn’t take long to figure out we were on the same wavelength.

Karen Carrasco KC Photography Studio KC Inspire gilbert, Arizona

Besides being an incredibly talented photographer, she also has a heart of gold and a vision for her space in Gilbert, Arizona to empower a LOT of women. The more we talked, the more I realized our dreams and goals closely aligned.

Karen has two spaces in the heart of Gilbert, Arizona and they’re ready for you.

One is a natural light studio (and some of the coolest chairs I’ve ever seen) plus a work space and a pretty sitting area. She also has a vintage red school house across the street with space for parties and workshops with a gazebo out back. Her style is vintage chic and the chandeliers and vintage furnishings make my heart happy.

Isn’t the cottage so cute?? And see the gazebo behind it? It’s on Gilbert Road between Warner and Elliot on the east side.

Introducing KC Inspire -tabithadumas.com Tabitha Dumas Gilbert workshops


Karen’s vision extends way beyond her photography business. For one thing, she’d like other photographers to use her studio space. (photos are coming soon)

She’d also love to see the cottage used for workshops and events. The main room seats a lot of people and would be lovely for parties, mastermind groups or workshops. Introducing KC Inspire -tabithadumas.com Tabitha Dumas Gilbert workshops

This back room is perfect for women who need a space to hold a consultation or a smaller workshop.

Introducing KC Inspire -tabithadumas.com Tabitha Dumas Gilbert workshops

The gazebo is so charming and unique and would work well for workshops or events, too.

Introducing KC Inspire -tabithadumas.com Tabitha Dumas Gilbert workshops

The big vision is giving women a SPACE to grow personally and professionally that extends way beyond a shared work space or a monthly meeting.

It’s incredibly exciting for me because my whole goal is to elevate your image and expand your influence and now I’ve got the space and road map to do it.

A space like this might be exactly what you need if you’re in the Phoenix east valley and have been looking to…

  • connect with like-minded women
  • receive hands-on help with the nitty gritty of your business
  • host workshops or classes for your clients or friends
  • own, practice and increase your expertise
  • take steps toward your greater purpose
  • do life and business in community
  • utilize my services!

KC Inspire is for entrepreneurial women in the east valley who are interested in more than a co-working environment or a space to host a workshop now and then. Members will become a tribe, a family. You will receive an image assessment from me including your online and in person image. Karen will take updated headshots for you. Your business information will be listed on the website. You will have opportunities to attend workshops and masterminds on topics like social media content strategies, blogging, personal development, art and finances. You will be encouraged to teach workshops and we will even teach you how to host and promote them. When you have a big client and need a place to meet, you have space to do it.

Our goal is your growth because we believe webinars and online groups only go so far. Women need each other, face to face and in real life.


My title for now is Ambassador Coordinator. Ambassadors will be a close-knit group of ladies who get in on the ground floor and help make this what we need it to be. We will soon open it up to general memberships as well.

I’ll also be working will all new members on an image assessment to determine the steps they need to take to elevate their image and expand their influence, including their in-person and online image. I’ll be teaching workshops, hosting tea parties and doing a lot of marketing as well. This whole project is right up my alley and perfect for this season with a baby and limited capacity.

Introducing KC Inspire -tabithadumas.com Tabitha Dumas Gilbert workshops

This concept is perfect for my current season of life and how I want to serve my ladies. If you might like to be involved as a KC Inspire ambassador or member, reach out to me! 602.349.1129

Photos by Karen of KC Photography at the red cottage and Gilbert gazebo


Bunny photo session at KC Photography KN Inspires Gilbert, Arizona Easter photo session spring photo session Tabitha Dumas

MRS. CLAUSE SESSION (December 2018)

Mrs. Clause photo session by KC Photography at the Gilbert Gazebo

Mrs. Clause photo session by KC Photography at the Gilbert Gazebo

Holiday portrait by KC Photography at the Gilbert Gazebo

Santa baby and elf Christmas photo session by KC Photography at the Gilbert Gazebo

Mrs. Clause photo session by KC Photography at the Gilbert Gazebo

Mrs. Clause photo session by KC Photography at the Gilbert Gazebo

Mrs. Clause photo session by KC Photography at the Gilbert Gazebo

Mrs. Clause photo session by KC Photography at the Gilbert Gazebo


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