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Do these five things instead of resolutions

We all know that making January resolutions doesn’t work, right? But you want to point yourself in the right direction for 2020 and live purposefully so I say…

Do these five things instead of resolutions

Watch the video or keep reading!

#1: Choose a word

I do this every year and it really gives me ONE thing to focus on for the year.

I’ve done

  • peace
  • joy
  • beloved
  • utilize
  • rooted
  • cultivate
  • simplify
  • together

It can be a state of being (rest), an action (believe), a concept (resilience)…the choices are endless.

I’ve written blog posts about these, I hope you’ll check them out and explore what feels right to you.

Here is how and why to choose a word for the year.

This is how to craft a vision affirmation statement.

Then you can decide on your version of a vision board. It might even be a vision shelf!

Below is my vision shelf for 2015.

Vision shelf instead of a vision board for 2015 from tabithadumas.com

You can also…

#2: Choose a phrase or mantra

My most recent one was “to get new results, try new things” and I used it in conjunction with my word SHINE for 2015.

In 2014 it was “just show up.”

Other examples…

  • be brave
  • go deeper
  • do less, be more
  • make it happen
  • live on purpose
  • slow down

#3: Make it The Year of Yes…or The Year of No

Maybe you’ve been postponing going after your dreams and 2016 is your year to say “yes” to new opportunities and connections.

Or maybe your kids are saying “You always so ‘no,’ Mom!” and you’re ready to change that.

Or maybe you over-worked, over-volunteered and over-extended yourself and need to say “no” more often. You might even consider creating a list of what NOT to do in 2016.

Ann Voskamp had a Year of Yes, you can read her blog posts within that category.

#4: Do a photo of the day

I love this idea! It’s a great way to focus intentionally on some aspect of your day, or your life…to see things in a new way…to capture moments…and to remember. I’m figuring out the logistics for how to do this one. I’ll keep you posted.

This “365 Grateful” project video is what inspired me:

Also consider the “Be Your Own Beloved” program from Vivienne, “cultivating self love through self-portraiture.” I follow Vivienne on Instagram and I am so inspired by her work. The 30-day program starts February 1st and there’s also a self-paced option.

#5: Start a daily gratitude practice

If you’ve never listed what you’re thankful for on a regular basis, I recommend that you try it. Call it gifts, blessings, gratitude…it’s just recording what you’re thankful for and what touches you. I did three every day for many years, starting when I was a young teen. After reading 1,000 Gifts, I started numbering them. I don’t always do it daily, but even so I’m up past 4,000 now. My husband and kids join me some nights and the kids even draw pictures in their journal.

Writing in my gratitude journal is my favorite way to end the day.

I wish you the best as you begin 2020 and if you feel led, I hope you’ll consider some of these instead of resolutions.

If you do, I’d love to know! Comment, post to Facebook or tweet @tabithadumas11

Try these five things instead of resolutions. from tabithadumas.com

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