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Let this guide you in 2020 instead of passion

Maybe you are someone who is following your passion. Or maybe you’re like a lot of people and you’re just not sure what your passion is and it leaves you feeling frustrated, lonely and hopeless in a world where everyone is preaching about “living your passion.” I would suggest.

let THIS guide you in 2020 instead of passion.

At the end of this post, I’ll tell you what I think my passion is right now.

You know Elizabeth Gilbert, the author of Eat, Pray, Love and now Big Magic.

Let this guide you instead of passion, based on the Oprah talk by Elizabeth Gilbert. on tabithadumas.com

I recently heard her speak at one of Oprah’s SuperSoul sessions in a talk called Flight of the Hummingbird (click here).

Evidently, after the success of Eat, Pray, Love, she was often asked to speak.

She preached on following your passion. Now she regrets it.

It hit her after one of her talks when someone who was there said she was depressed after hearing her message…because her fan didn’t have a passion.

Here are some highlights from Elizabeth’s talk. Her quotes appear in italics.

“Every time somebody like me says to somebody like that, “Hey, it’s really easy to solve your life, man. All you gotta do is just follow your passion.” It probably twists like a knife in their guts. So I don’t do that anymore. I don’t say that anymore…because I don’t even know that I believe it anymore.”

What does Elizabeth Gilbert suggest you chase instead of passion? Your curiosity.

I absolutely agree. What are you curious about? Try that. 

She says, “Just follow your curiosity like bread crumbs.” Try something new. If you hate it, walk away. If you love it, take the next step.

When people follow their curiosity, they can explore possibilities and lend their talents across many genres.

She asks you to “Cross polinate the world.” Isn’t that lovely?? That’s where the hummingbird metaphor comes in, by the way. Flit around from one thing to the next if that pleases you. You don’t have to find ONE passion and LIVE there forever! 

In fact, some of the most passionate people have a myriad of interests and may even seem like they try something new all the time.

But what about God’s plan for us? Can God lead us from one thing to the next? Wouldn’t God have ONE thing in mind for us to pursue?

He is already there, waiting at the next stop. 

“God is holding a place for you.”

He knows where the path leads.

So what do we do?

“Look for the next clue.” 

What’s your next bread crumb?

Find it. Take the next step.

“Trust the map. Trust The Map Maker.”

Your map won’t look like everyone else’s. You’ll find yourself doing things you never dreamed of. That’s all part of the adventure.

I won’t give away the ending from her talk. You should definitely take the time to listen (click here). It is really powerful.

Let this guide you instead of passion, based on the Oprah talk by Elizabeth Gilbert. on tabithadumas.com

Wondering what else you can do instead of passion?

This from Glennon of Momastery (pronounced “mom-astery” like monastery, not “mom-mastery” like a master mom):

People always ask: G, how do I find my purpose?

I look at them and ask: What breaks your heart?

There you go. That’s your purpose.

So if you’re not sure what the bread crumbs are, think about what breaks your heart. It could be struggling single moms, orphans, the poor, the homeless. What news story brings tears to your eyes? What cause do you find yourself advocating for? Where do you put your charitable dollars?

What about me?

What breaks my heart is women who are displaced. The women who can’t give birth safely in undeveloped countries. The pregnant teens with no place to go. The women in my own circle of influence who have been knocked down or dealt a difficult hand and can’t pursue what lights them up.

My next bread crumb is writing my story and finding the women who share parts of my story.

My passion is connecting with those women to promote wholeness and freedom, then helping them elevate their image and expand their influence so they can follow what their next bread crumb is.

I’d love to help you navigate your map. Let’s discover your next bread crumb together. I would be honored to walk this journey with you.

If you know your next bread crumb, tell me about it! And let me know how I can support you.

Not sure of your next step?

Book a Strategy Tea with me here.

When you aren't sure of your passion or purpose. Start here! -tabithadumas.com

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4 thoughts on “Let this guide you in 2020 instead of passion

  1. …well I feel like my curiosity is coming full circle! I’m about 3/4 of the way through that book (loving it!) just finished watching Eat.Pray.Love as a result of being curious about more of Liz Gilbert’s work (yeah I’m only a few years behind the times…) have been totally freaking out about not being sure what my passion is or where to focus and now realizing through that talk that I am indeed a hummingbird too! Glad to have circled around to your encouraging and uplifting sight through the hope writers! Also, loving finding ways to live in my signature color that you assigned me! Thanks Tabitha and Merry Christmas to you friend! ♥

    1. Thanks so much for your sweet comment!! I haven’t seen Eat, Pray, Love yet….eeeeek!!! I need to!! I’m just getting to know her, too. I feel that I’m multi-passionate, which is often just as frustrating as not knowing what your passion is. I’m glad you’re enjoying your Signature Color!! Merry Christmas and thanks for being here!!

  2. Tabitha, you so inspire me. I have had quite a journey in my life and people are always telling me to share it and share my gifts, but I never know how. What you’re doing here, is what I love! Praying God shows me how to step up in my life at the right places and right times.

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