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Inexpensive self care ideas

Self care doesn’t have to mean a spa day or a weekend getaway for hundreds of dollars. In fact, self care can be as simple as taking a nap…or a nature walk! 

Since we’re talking about money in March, I thought I’d offer you

inexpensive self care ideas

you can use right away. Let the self care begin!

1. Create your own Woman Cave.

Your woman cave can be a corner reading nook or an entire craft room but the main thing is, it has to be a place where you can escape–even if it’s just with a book and a cup of tea.

Take over one kitchen cabinet or pull a chair into a corner. Transform your closet into an elegant dressing room. Pack a cart with your crafting supplies so you can whip up a card on a whim.

Need more ideas? Check out my Pinterest boards.

Self Care:: Woman Caves Pinterest board

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Home:: Your Space Pinterest board

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Inexpensive self care ideas: create your own Woman Cave. Mine has a vanity and plenty of clothes, jewelry and accessories for dressing up.
My space. A vanity, rack of clothes and lots of fun things to play dress-up with.

2. Create an at-home spa experience.

If you have a bathroom in your home, you can create an at-home spa.

Soak in an Epsom salts bath. Make a body scrub out of sugar and oil (2 TBL of each plus a few drops of vanilla or almond extract is a good configuration). Use an avocado hair mask or give yourself an egg white facial. Invigorate your skin by dry brushing. Save your loofah or favorite fluffy towel just for spa days. Play music and pour yourself a yummy drink–go all out!

There are so many things you can do to pamper yourself at home for CHEAP.

Here are more ideas:

 Self Care:: Spa At Home Pinterest board

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Beauty:: At Home Beauty

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Inexpensive self care strategies from TabithaDumas.com Create an in-home spa experience!
Create an in-home spa experience!

3. Putter.

I defined and explained puttering here.

Puttering can mean rearranging your bookcase by color, replanting some flowers in your favorite cup and saucer or bringing in some branches from outside to add to your table. It can also mean wandering around your house sprucing up or decluttering.

It’s relaxing and slow-paced but also productive (great for those of us who find it hard to relax without “getting something done”).

I love to putter! I put some ideas on my Whole woman:: Puttering Pinterest board

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Inexpensive self care ideas. I love puttering. This is my SPOT and I enjoy arranging it and making it pretty.
I love to rearrange the items on the table next to my favorite chair!

4. Get out.

Take a nature walk. Look for unusual rocks to pick up or a type of bird you’ve never seen before. Take your camera to zoom in on one flower petal. Pack a picnic and enjoy eating outdoors. Take in the sights and smells and savor the moment.

Inexpensive self care ideas. You don't have to go to the spa, just go for a nature walk! from Tabithadumas.com
One of my favorites escapes, the Boyce Thompson Arboretum just east of Phoenix in Superior, AZ.

5. Put together a “me time” box.

Let’s say you get an hour to yourself or even an entire day…what would you do??

Add a magazine, a candle, bath tea, chocolates, manicure supplies…anything you can grab and use at a moment’s notice.

inexpensive self care ideas...create a "me time" box! From tabithadumas.com

If you need more self care ideas, visit my Self Care Pinterest board below!

Whole woman:: Self Care Pinterest board

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Are you good at self care…or are you like most of us and tend to take care of everyone else FIRST?

Let us know if you plan to try any of these ideas on the TabithaDumas.com Facebook page.


Skip the spa! Inexpensive self care ideas you can use TODAY! From Tabitha Dumas, self care pro.

Mo' Money March from Tabithadumas.com. Money-saving tips for entrepreneurs. Inexpensive self care ideas.

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