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This year, my focus is on deepening real-life connections with women I actually see and rub elbows with, which is why I’m opening up my

image and influence insiders group.


If you’re new to me, you might not know I was a classroom teacher for two years before we started our family. Once our first son was born, I lasted exactly six months until I got bored and began my foray into the world of direct sales. I was holding vendor events and networking events in my home twelve years ago, before they were really a “thing.” I ran an Etsy shop for a few years, too. When we moved back to the east side of Phoenix in 2011, my entrepreneurial journey truly began.

When I was considering launching a business focused on helping business owners host seminars and workshops (still a great idea that came from one of the coolest and smartest men I know), I started a Mary Kay business “on the side” to have some income as I built my network. That’s also when I embraced the concept of “to have a big business, you must have a big life” and started officially networking. As I sat in meetings with a bin full of lipsticks and night serums, I heard a common complaint: busy business women didn’t have time for social media or to write their own copy or marketing materials! I’ve been a writer and editor since grade school so before long, “Let Me Rephrase That” Writing Services was born.

I launched my FanTabulouswomen.com site and found myself writing and editing blog posts for a local plumbing company one day and editing a closet the next. I loved both (and I still do). I eventually became a Certified Image Consultant as well and started Discover Your Signature Color. All the while, I was trying to market to the masses (most of my traffic from “strangers” comes from Pinterest–that might be how YOU found me!) yet my favorite part of my job was getting down and dirty with the women in my real life circle of influence.

When I write, I picture women I know who are too busy, who are hiding, who are overwhelmed or who have placed their dreams on hold. Now I am coming for you.


Whether you need a little confidence boost with your style or you are totally lost on how to launch a work-from-home gig, I want to partner with you to keep you moving forward. Maybe you have something to offer my women–I want you on board, too! If we don’t know each other in real life, please know you are welcome into my online space and I appreciate your presence and your support. I am zeroing in more on my real-life women now, though. That’s why I’m inviting you to my Image and Influence Insiders Group on Facebook.

Find the group here.

I only have so many hours in the day, especially with helping my husband with his real estate business and having a baby. This group will be where I can pop in and see what you’re up to, give you style tips, answer your questions, cheer you on and offer more personalized feedback and support. You are welcome!

I look forward to seeing you there so we can all elevate our image and expand our influence…together!

Image & Influence Insiders Group on Facebook from tabithadumas.com

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